In our Faces on the Co-operator series, we speak to young co-operators who share their passion for promoting the well-being of the communities where we live and work.

In this second post of the Faces of Co-operator series, we feature 20-years-old, Su Yuchang who was an intern in the Campus and Youth Team from September 2017 to February 2018. She is waiting for her graduation from Diploma in Social Enterprise Management at Republic Polytechnic and is passionate in reaching out to the youths.

Here is an article about her, by her.

2nd February 2018

The day that marks the end of my internship@SNCF!

For the past five months, I was an intern in the Campus and Youth Team. *SNCF Campus and Youth Team aims to raise awareness of the co-operative movement among youths!*

In the past five months, I am grateful to be given many opportunities to learn, from planning till the execution of events.

1st ‘Project’: YOCO Camp 2017 

I was involved in the planning of Youth of the Co-operatives (YOCO) Camp 2017 and was helping out on the actual day itself as well! Spot me! I am the one wearing the green jacket! As YOCO Camp is a digital marketing ideation day camp for secondary school students, it is really interesting and fun to be able to interact with the secondary school students.

I truly enjoyed facilitating in their ideation process, and happy to see them presenting on stage about their final ideas or solutions to the problems given to them. The students are really brave to be presenting on stage, I don’t remember myself standing on the stage presenting when I was in secondary school!

2nd ‘Project’: SCOOP Trail 2018

SCOOP Trail 2018 aims to raise awareness about the co-operative movement in Singapore in a fun and trendy way.

This project enables me to learn a lot more in event management. Project timeline… Marketing… Publicity… Liaising with external parties, and a lot more. Unfortunately, I will not be able to help out on the actual day as I have other commitments.

Awareness/Scholarship Talks

Apart from staying in the office to plan events or having meetings with external parties, I also have the opportunity to accompany my company supervisor and colleagues to various schools such as National University of Singapore whereby they will be conducting co-operative awareness or scholarship talks. *Yes, SNCF has their very own scholarship programme!*

Community Outreach Programme

Before I ended my internship, I also have the opportunity to volunteer at NTUC Health Nursing Home, interacting and bringing smiles to the elderly over there.

All in all, the internship@SNCF was enriching, enabling me to learn how to plan an event, execute an event, as well as gaining exposure and experiencing the working environment.