Do you know we launched a children’s story book series to encourage the values of co-operative movement for younger generation back in 2011?

SNCF first book titled: “A Very Big Storm” was launched in 4th December 2011 at its 30th anniversary and during the International Year of Co-operatives. The story was commissioned by SNCF to teach co-operative values to the young, and their parents, through the time-tested art of story-telling. The series is penned by well known, international award-winning local author, Emily Lim. The story provides a good learning platform for children aged 3-6 years through the inculcation of positive co-operative values like co-operation, sharing, gratitude and more.

The Squirrel family, Monkey family, Sparrow and Little Honey Bear are all worried. How are they going to stay nice and dry?

Curious on how they explore the forest, meeting the different cute and kind characters as they rally together to build a shelter and brave the storm in the spirit of ‘Co-operation’? Head down to one of the National Libraries located island-wide to read on!

Did you know?


The books also travelled to Rochdale, Manchester in United Kingdom – the birthplace of the modern co-operative movement in United Kingdom. A set resides in their museum as well as the 17 libraries there.



Looking for more?

SNCF didn’t just stop at 1. We produced a total of 4 books and let’s take a look at what the other 3 books is all about: 

2nd Book: Little Otter Goes Fishing

Story Outline:

In this story, Big Otter is always bringing food for Little Otter. Over time, Little Otter learns from Big Otter how to fish for himself. He practices on the skills required to catch his own food. When Little Otter finally succeeds, he is ready to pass on the skills to Baby Otter so that she too can learn to feed herself.

Self-help is about being able to do things for yourself. Learning new skills helps you to become more independent and less reliant on others to do it for you.

Mutual-help is about helping one another after you have learnt and mastered how to help yourself.

3rd Book: Under the Sea, Under the Sea

Story Outline:

Gillbert belongs to a school of fish. Every day, they learn about life under the sea. Find out how Gillbert learns his biggest lessons in life when he meets a dolphin in need. In this story, Gillbert and his friends used their strength in numbers at the seabed to help free Bottlenose. Bottlenose in turn used his ability of sharp hearing and emitting strong sound signals to summon friends to help Gillbert. In extending mutual help to each other, they also ended up helping themselves stay safe and well.

Mutual help is about extending help to others who in turn extend help to you as well.


4th Book: The Really Really Hot Day

Story Outline:

When members of a community come together to help each other out, they are doing their part to care for and serve their community.

A fire breaks out and the Squirrels find their babies’ lives in danger. The other animals in the community immediately come together to save the Squirrel babies and also that part of the forest. Although the Otters, Gillbert and Bottlenose do not live there, they also chip in to help their neighbours out.

This 4th storybook of the series brings all characters previously from book 1 to 3 together, coming together as one to care for the community when disaster happens. This is reflective of the co-operative spirit and a finale to the IYC Children Storybook series.

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