As we celebrate our nation’s 55th birthday this Sunday on the 9 August 2020, shall we celebrate with our very first dance move as a co-operator in Singapore?

Dance along with us as you see the dance demo!

“I like to move it, move it
She likes to move it, move it
He likes to move it, move it
We like to move it!”

Do you know that there is a mass song and dance belongs to the Co-operative movement? 

Check out the video below as SCOOP brings you the First of Everything series which aims to showcase the rich history of Singapore’s co-operative.

This Co-opaliciouz Fun Dance is created by our very own previous SNCF Scholar, Ms Kwek Yi Jun for our family day initiative (Come Together As ONE) that brings together co-operative members and members of the public in celebration of the International Year of the Co-operatives 2012.

This Co-opaliciouz Fun Dance is so family-friendly that even the toddlers also can dance along.

How do you think about the Co-opaliciouz Fun Dance? We would like to hear from you if we should create another Fun Dance for Co-operative!