Have you ever wonder how logo of companies was formed? The significance and meaning of the colour and symbols chosen?

Today, SCOOP brings to you the third post of the First of Everything series which aims to showcase the rich history of Singapore’s co-operative heritage about the evolution of SNCF’s logo since its establishment.

1st logo: 1980-1988





Unfortunately, we searched the entire SNCF library but could not find the information of the origin. But above image is how the first logo of SNCF looks like!

2nd logo: 1989-2004






The logo of a triangular apex resting upon a symbolic double infinity conveys the main theme of a dynamic apex organisation linked to the international co-operative movement.

The bright red used denotes life, vitality and prosperity for the co-operative movement in general.

The 3 triangle represents the apex body (top triangular segment) resting upon the middles segment (which presents the group of secondary societies), which in turn rests upon the base segment (representing the broad base of primary societies). The overall triangle (comprising the 3 segment together) represents upward direction, growth and progress.

The linked double infinity represents the international co-operative movement to which our movement is linked. its wave-like form denotes overall movement in progress and development.

3rd logo: 2004-2010




This new era brings constant changes to all organisations. Therefore, in our effort to continually remain relevant to the changing socio-economic environment, SNCF must project an image that expresses not just its personality, but also the vision and values that SNCF stands by.

The letter “N” is transformed into the summit of a mountain, which symbolises SNCF’s role as the apex body of the Co-operative Movement in Singapore. The logo uses a sans serif font to give it a more modern and clean look. An optimistic red is used in contrast to the blue, which is calm and structured.

4th logo: Since 2010 to date




The word ‘co-operative’ is captured in the letter ‘C’ and it is enclosed in a circle – signifying the Co-operative movement. This emphasis is deliberate, highlighting SNCF’s core function as an umbrella organization that exists to serve its members. An ‘=‘ symbol forms part of the “F” in SNCF which represents the equality amongst members. Bold and strong typeface is selected to represent strength and solidarity while blue is the colour of choice here as it symbolizes resilience and steadfastness.

Wow, isn’t it amazing of the evolution of SNCF’s logo? The consistency of always anchoring our position to serve the members through local and global partnership is noticeable throughout the evolution.

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