Did You Know? The first school co-operative to be established was actually the SJI (St. Joseph’s Institution) Co-op Society, founded in 1974. However, it was liquidated in 1985, making the Catholic Junior College Co-operative Society, founded in 1976, the now oldest school-based co-operative in Singapore!

Humble Beginnings

On 15 September 1976, a group of CJCians gathered to form a society club that would be run by themselves, to serve the student population.This would be the humble beginnings of a now 42 year old club – CJ Nexus!


The Co-operative Society was officially opened to all students to run and training was provided by the commerce faculty. Members of the society needed to pay $5 for a portion of the shares and $2 entrance fee that allows them to receive special benefits. The leadership structure consisted of the Principal as the President, Vice-Principals as Vice-Presidents, Teachers as Teacher Advisors, and Students as Members. Do you realise? These were actually modelled after the co-op business model where employee ownership and engagement are emphasised!

CJC Co-op Opening Day


*Above 2 photos are credited to cjccollege7677.wordpress.com

Changes and Challenges


Throughout these years, the CJC Co-operative Society underwent many changes. However, it still emerged strong and continues to serve it’s community today! Here’s a timeline to represent the road that led CJ Nexus to “Today”:

CJ Nexus Today

Are you wondering – what EXACTLY do the members of CJ Nexus do? Well, let me bring you through a Day (or rather, Year) in The Life of a Nexus member!

On a daily basis, members are assigned Morning Duty to open the co-op and count the cash float, or Day Duty which is a 30 minute shift during break hours. Besides the daily duty roster, the members are also involved in the planning of proposals (both to internal and external organisations) such as to conduct sales, etc. The 2 big milestones of every year are the Orientation Pack Preparation and Annual Competitions, of which the club would select representatives to compete in! 

New CJ Merchandise in Preparation for Orientation! Credits: CJC Facebook Page


CJ Nexus representatives at the Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium 2017


Their final proposed idea – the Picky Eater farm restaurant! (above)


Recently, CJ Nexus hosted Ms Sujin from Korea Federation of University Co-operative (KFUC) to find out more about how Singapore’s Campus Co-operatives are doing! Here are some photos from our visit!



Wow! Look at all those beautifully designed foolscap papers and t shirts! We wish CJ Nexus all the best as they continue to grow from strength to strength and model the way in showing how students can be ambassadors of the co-op movement as well!


We’ve come to the end of another SCOOP article on the First of Everything series which aims to showcase the rich history of Singapore’s Co-operative scene. Let us know about any other campus co-ops you know of or if you’ve visit CJ Nexus before, we wanna hear all about it! Till next time!