First of Everything Series is bringing you to the first Coop Club in Singapore!

Do you know that the first Coop Club is established in April 2014 by MacPherson Secondary School?

Coop Club was set up to offer a safe environment for students to relax and enjoy with their friends as After-School-Care Engagement. Coop Club aims to provide a platform for students to pursue their personal interests outside of academic.

Coop Club empowered selected leaders from Normal Technical class to work closely with the teachers and youth workers in managing and supervising the games room and cafe during the operation period.

The students who are involved in the coop club are categorized into their interest groups.

For those who are interested in cafe management, they will be in charge of the sale activity of the food items.

For those who just want to chill to and spend time with their friends!

They also have a pool table and arrange pool competition for the rest of the school’s students during post – examination period.

SNCF host complimentary training sessions such as Co-operative Awareness Sharing for the students to know more about Co-operative.

Students having fun at the induction to learn about teamwork!

Marketing 101 for the students to learn and apply the basic Marketing Mix while Finance 101 to educate the students basic accounting knowledge that they are apply to their sale activities.

In 2017, MacPherson Secondary School merged with Broadrick Secondary School and continue on the coop club to Broadrick Secondary School.

Mr Sheikh Farid B Abdul Karim, HOD Normal Technical from Broadrick Secondary School who oversee the coop club shared that: “The programme trained our students well in areas related to entrepreneurship, creativity, teamwork and leadership. These are skills relevant for the students not only in running the ASE Co-op but also in their working lives after they graduated from school.

Thinking of offering a platform to your students a first-hand experience of operating a business based on the co-operative values?

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