I am very honoured to be invited as a speaker at the Annual Cooperative Leadership Conference 2019: FORGING AHEAD AS ONE organized by Singapore National Co-operative Federation.

It was a mindblowing experience with inspiring and insightful presentations given by Jack Sim (Founder WTO), Ah Yiam Tng (Deputy CEO NTUC Fairprice), Nguyen Ann Duc (Deputy CEO Saigon C.op), Andrew Chow ✯ Disruption Keynote Speaker ✯ (Media Strategist & Enneagram Coach) and Wu Jiaqing (SNCF Relationship Manager).

speaker dinner

Check out the SNCF EXCO Council, distinguished guests and speakers engaging in hearty conversation.

My topic was “Grow with Every Generation”.

Choon Chye speaking about LHub journey

I spoke about my journey with NTUC LearningHub, Millennial and how different generations (Gen X, Y, Millennial) can come together and unleash the best in everyone through the G.R.O.W Framework.

When you hear about Millennial in the workplace, what are your first thoughts? Apparently, they are tough to manage, accused of being entitled, self-interested and unfocused.

Let us examine the journey of a Millennial in Singapore. From 1980, Singapore experiences high economic growth and Singaporeans standard of living increased rapidly. Parents want the best for kids and hence, from young, there was a huge emphasis on the importance of education. Kids were raised in a competitive education system where grades determine their future outlooks.

Furthermore, with the advancement in technology and social media (from Friendster-> Facebook-> Instagram), we became the victims of instant gratification. If we want to watch movies, just Netflix. When we see the spike in the number of likes in our social media post, the sudden surge of Dopamine makes us feel good temporary and we think that we can achieve anything instantaneously. Speaking of the posts on Social Media, do they really reflect reality or are the posts just a reflection of the “Best Moments” of our peers?

When a Millennial that was brought up in an Education System and Social media graduates and thrown into an environment that is totally different from the one they were in… they are viewed as impatient… unfocused … entitled….

Today I stand here as a millennial, proposing that no matter which generation you are from, be it the Millennial, Gen X or GenY. We can all grow together through the G.R.O.W Framework.


Begin with the end in mind! -Franklin Covey

Goal – Having a shared Goal/Vision/Outcome is vital in the success of this inter-generation journey. By a shared vision, I don’t mean by: “This is your KPI, please achieve it”. An inspiring leader will say it this way: “This is our KPI, do you agree with it? How can I help you achieve this? If you achieve it, all the glory goes to you. If you didn’t achieve it, I will take the responsibility.”

Responsibility – This word seems easy to comprehend but hard to apply! It is of paramount importance to take responsibility in our work and inter-generation journey. I believe that once we start to take responsibility, quality work and relationship will follow.

Our mind is like a parachute! It won’t work unless it is open. -Frank Zappa

Open-Minded – Only by being open to accept feedback will we be able to learn and improve ourselves in the process. Do not treat feedback as criticism, treat feedback as a mechanism to help us improve. The worst kind of feedback is no feedback!

When there’s a will, there’s a way! -Pauline Kael

Will – Most of us give up too easily. When we cannot achieve our goals, we give up. When we find it difficult to take responsibility, we give up. When we are criticized, we give up. How do we then work together to bring the best out of each generation? The WILL to see it through is very important. Be patient, Be driven, Be far-sighted. We can do it together!

All in all, I believe that with adopting the G.R.O.W framework, different generations can come together and create the synergy in everything that we do. =)

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Choon Chye Profile PicThis article was brought to you by Low Choon Chye, SNCF Scholar who is currently working at NTUC LearningHub Co-operative as Senior Business Development Executive. He is an advocate of the cooperative movement in Singapore and
upholds the spirit of self-help and mutual help. His personal motto is to Lead, to Inspire, to Serve and to Change. In his university days, he volunteers regularly as a tutor and events coordinator for kids from lower income families. Currently, Mr Low is working
on exciting projects and initiatives in NTUC LearningHub Co-operative with the goal of transforming lifelong employability of Singaporeans.Mr Low is an avid reader and enjoys reading inspirational theories about self-betterment. He continues to serve as both advisor and motivator to his juniors in NTU Students’ Union.