Before September ends today, SCOOP would like to take this opportunity to share a light-hearted video about SNCF turns 40 on 18 September 2020:


Read on about the First of Everything Series to know all the Firsts of SNCF and the co-operatives movement which have been contributing to the society and community beyond the 40 years!

  1. How did SNCF Came About?
  2. Which is the First Co-operative In Singapore?
  3. How Does The First Logo of SNCF Looks Likes?
  4. Introduction of SCOOP Trail
  5. How Does Our First Co-operative Dance Looks like?
  6. Which Is The First Campus Co-operative in Singapore?
  7. What Is The Name Of Our First Storybook?
  8. Which Is The First NTUC Co-operative in Singapore?
  9. Which is the First Service Co-operative in Singapore?
  10. Who Are In the First Batch of SNCF Scholars?
  11. Check Out The First Hot Shot Winning Entries!
  12. Which Is The First Coop Club In Singapore?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SNCF! To many 40 years and beyond as co-operative evolve to meet the ever-changing needs, co-operatives will continue to remain relevant to benefit the community.