Bhutan has been a recent famous tourist spot for travelling due to its serenity and its religious attraction that the country offers. Other than the majestic Bhutanese monasteries found over the mountains, Bhutan is also well known for its Food & Agriculture, which learns towards the growth of organic food over the years.


Source: Changemakers

Mr Sangay (pictured above), the Founder and CEO of Happy Green Co-Operative, always held a close passion towards Agriculture & Farming, and decided to leave his secure government job in order to pursue his own social movement.

Situated in Bhutan, Mr Sangay, Tashi and Leki has prototyped and built a local electric dehydrator in the last 2 months. With this electric dehydrator, they can establish a food drying unit where its is able to dry many local herbs and make them into marketable products. The members of Happy Green Co-Operative hopes to build more of such dehydrator units in different communities, to provide more jobs & incomes for people while meeting the demands of the market in Bhutan.

Through the usage of the electric dehydrator, it generates 7 additional employment and directly helps 2 large established farms and other small farmers around the region, following the co-operative principle of Self & Mutual Help.

Mr Sangay has officially started his fundraising campaign on

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