Annual Co-operative Leaders Conference (ACLC) 2018 is a signature event of Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) to bring the leaders of the co-operative movement for potential networking and brainstorming possible collaboration among the co-operatives to a greater height.

#ACLC2018 is held on 21 April to 24 April 2018 at Novotel Phuket Vintage Park Resort, Phuket, Thailand. The theme of this year is ‘Stronger Together: Collaboration for a Sustainable Future’, aims to promote collaboration among the co-operatives so that the Co-operative Movement can continue to grow and remain sustainable.

Sharing with you my ACLC Journey over SCOOP for these 4 four days!

As I have never been to Phuket, hence I am rather excited to place my foot in Phuket!
My flight was early in the morning, I came with an empty stomach in hope to exchange for a good breakfast at a specific fast food chain which my colleague had cravings for.

Here is my breakfast:


I am sure you had already guessed where I bought my breakfast from the photo!

After touching down at Phuket, we were on a City Tour where we were brought to a T-shirt shop where they claimed to sell T-shirt at a cheaper rate compared to our hotel’s stall area.


We have participants who bought bags of mini bags as souvenirs for their friends and loved ones. I am still in search of interesting magnets, any recommendation from the readers here?

Fast forward the journey, I reached my hotel room and found my stomach growling. With much anticipation, I took out the messy bun which was highly raved online to try out from Singapore to Phuket.

Was it nice?


Was it messy?


I think this matcha flavour is nice but I will not eat more than one messy bun at a go! Not because it is messy but the taste will overpower the desire of having just one more bun.

I was still feeling the hunger, hence decided to explore the area near the hotel and chance upon these two interesting food found in 7-11.

The Ham and Cheese sandwich chips are really the bomb! I will highly recommend you guys to buy if you ever chance upon it at Thailand’s 7-11. It tastes exactly like the Ham and Cheese Sandwich.


The second food is actually a sausage which was neatly cut up by the 7-11 staff. You may wonder what is so interesting about the sausage? Yes, there isn’t anything special about this sausage, but I am sure the staff in Singapore might not assist you in the cutting would be something which we will not be found in Singapore’s 7-11!

Check out the sunset at Baan Rim Pa before having my dinner with the invited speakers and SNCF Executive Council.


I had the honour to sit beside Mr Yeo Chun Fing ( AUPE General Secretary and Assistant Secretary for financial affairs in the NTUC Central Committee) and Mr Richard Zaccheus Bains (Chairman of Singapore Teachers’ Credit Co-operative and current EXCO member of SNCF) along with Mr Ronald Low (Senior Manager of Non-credit, SNCF) and Ms Patsie Tan (Senior Manager of Marketing, SNCF). Mr Tng Ah Yiam (Deputy CEO of NTUC FairPrice) is a natural speaker who always catch everyone’s attention. He shared his golden nugget: The more things you have to do, the more time you have. The more time you have, the more things you have to do.” He was sharing using Lean Six Sigma’s methodology which relies on a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing “waste”. For example, we wasted a lot of time not knowing what to do with the more works we have. If we have decided to work on what we do, the time and resource will be maximised instead of being wasted. Isn’t it cool?

Day 1 of ACLC 2018 ended with good food, insightful conversation and great company.

I look forward to Day 2 of ACLC 2018. Stayed tuned for the update of ACLC 2018 about the selected topics from the following speakers below: