How many of you know what a Co-operative is? If so, do you know that there is actually a Co-op store located in Ngee Ann Polytechnic? For those interested to know more about what a Co-operative is, you have come to the right place! 


Co-operatives are businesses that are owned and run by members for their own benefits. Members such as customers, employees, residents and shareholders all have equal say in the business and share in profits. 


What makes a Co-operative different from typical businesses out there is the fact that they are driven by values and not just profit. They share principles and collectively work together to build a better world through cooperation. The Co-op store in Ngee Ann was founded in 1971 and they offer retail and shopping experiences for customers. As a matter of fact, I am going to share more about the different ways of dressing comfortably in clothes that can be purchased from the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Co-op store. 

#1: Black/White Ngee Ann Poly Tee With Shorts


Are you feeling lazy having to dress up well for school? Are you always rushing out of the house just to get to that 8am class on time, leaving you with no time to pick out what to wear? Well, do not worry because I have the solution to that. Instead of choosing a different outfit every single day, why not purchase a pair of Black and White Ngee Ann Poly Tee from the Co-op store. This shirt has the words Ngee Ann Polytechnic embedded in gold and is made from dry-fit material, which is more cooling compared to cotton tees. All you have to do is pair it with a pair of shorts and you’re good to go.




#2: Ngee Ann Poly/CCA Jacket



Constantly shivering and freezing during lectures? Unable to concentrate due to how overwhelmingly cold it is in the lecture theatre? The next time you enter the lecture hall, bring along a Ngee Ann Poly jacket that can be purchased from the Co-Op store. Not only will this jacket make you look good and is comfortable, most importantly, it will keep you warm during classes. As a result, you will definitely be able to concentrate and focus more. 


Furthermore, did you know that you are able to make CCA jacket’s as well? Personally, I have one  and it is really comfortable. My CCA friends pride in wearing someone that symbolises and is exclusive only to my club when we’re in school. Gather your friends and CCA mates and make a CCA jacket the next time you’re visiting the Co-op store. The jacket symbolises equity among your CCA as everyone is equal in the same jacket, which aligns with one of the Co-op values of equality. Although the price is slightly on the higher side, it will definitely be worth it as once your time in Ngee Ann is completed, the jacket will serve as a form of memorabilia.


Price: $35-$40

#3:Exclusive Seasonal Tee

Credit: Shopee

Every few months, the Co-op Store would release exclusive designs of T-shirts for students to purchase. The shirts are designed by students of the school and there is only a limited amount of stocks. Feeling like standing out from the crowd and owning something rare and exclusive?  Well, then look no further. Pair the T-shirt with bermudas and you will be looking Gucci. Other than looking amazing, you will also be feeling comfortable as the Tees are made from this soft cotton material. 


Price: $15-$20


The Ngee Ann Poly Co-op stall has been in operation for many years and they have provided many past students and alums with Ngee Ann merchandise that helps them to remember their time spent in Ngee Ann. The next time you’re in the vicinity, make sure to support the Co-op movement by purchasing from the shop. Thank you for reading!


This article was brought to you by Adrian How Jian Yang who is currently interning in SNCF. He is in his third year of his polytechnic education and is pursuing a diploma in Business and Social Enterprise at Ngee Ann polytechnic. He likes to play basketball, travel and enjoys spending time with his dog.