It is 11 days to Chinese New Year, have you bought your decorative items to beautify your place?

If you are thinking to save some cost and not going out to squeeze with the rest to purchase the items, you can consider Do-It-Yourself (DIY) the items?

SCOOP teaches you three simple decorative items which you can learn and put to immediate use. It will be special for you and your family as you guys come together to make this festive season special by DIY-ing the decorative items.

1. Mandarin Oranges

Here is what you require for the making of mandarin oranges:

  1. 1 orange polynet (cut away the ‘head’)
  2. 1 orange polynet (head is still intact)
  3. 2 artificial leaves
  4. 1 green tape

materials needed

Check out the video below for more instruction by our very own Marketing staff, Amelia and Peggy who edited the video!




2. Fan

Here is what you require for the making of fan:

  1. 9 red packets
  2. 1 staple with staples


Lilian Tan, one of our colleagues were the one who came up with steps of this fan.

Below is her steps of making it. Give it a try!

Step 1: Fold a small marking at end of a red packet (not the flap)

Step 2: Take another red packet and put both edges together.

Step 3: Staple the two edges.

Step 4: Continuing joining the edges with another 6 more red packets. In total, you will have 8 red packets to form the fan.

Step 5: Fold all the edges together to make the base of the fan stronger.

Step 6: Take 1 red packet and fold into 3 columns to form the handle of the fan.

Step 7: Fold the 3 column into a column. With the column, fold it into half and staple the bottom of the ‘V’ sign.

Step 8: Slot this ‘V’ sign into the first and last column of the fan. Staple the edge of the ‘V’ sign to first and last column of the fan.

Step 9: Voila! Fan for you!


3. Round lantern

Germaine, one of our Campus and Youth’s colleagues were inspired to create this round lantern!
Check out how to do it!


We had all the staff to make this round lantern and use it as decorative items for our office. For the first time, our office’s items were mainly DIY and not bought off shelves items!

Self-help and mutual help were demonstrated as we bond over through the making of decorative items! Have it a try, you never know how much fun you can get with your family members as you do it together.

Stay tuned for the next Huat ah post! 🙂