2 more days to Chinese New Year, are you ready to gather?

On the last post of Huat ah series, SCOOP will share with you on the importance of gathering in Chinese New Year.

Do you know the reason why no matter where you are, whether you are a foreigner in Singapore or Singaporean, everyone will go back home on Chinese New Year’s eve to had reunion dinner?

It is become reunion dinner is the most important mandatory custom and an age-old tradition event which many families hold dear! During this dinner, the whole family will gather around the table and enjoy the food, chatting with each other. For the foreigners who went abroad to study or work, this is the only time when they can get together to be with their family.

This is why the Chinese New Year reunion dinner is so important!

The reunion dinner is quite a sumptuous fare and includes traditional dishes on the menu, such as dumplings, chicken, fish and pork! Most of the families would cook on their own during this dinner, here are some of the MUST HAVE food items I will have as showed below:


Reunion other than being a social gathering, it is also the action of being together again as a unified whole.

This year, my company, Singapore National Co-operative Federation decided to get ready for Chinese New Year with one of our affiliates – NTUC Health Nursing Home (Chai Chee) to celebrate this joyous festive season with the residents in January 2018.


We had a team of 4 staff being empowered to take charge of each activity during the actual day. Prior to that, we had a round of rehearsal to practice how to do light exercise, make the lotus flower using carrier bag, mandarin oranges and round lantern with all the staff.

Thankful for Rae, one of the NTUC Health Nursing Home’s coordinators allowed the committee to come a day earlier to pack the goodies bag that we will be blessing the seniors.


On the serving day, the staff were really excited and came early to make our last rehearsal!


Above is the macarena light dance exercise’s instructors headed by Jiaqing who is the guy facing the screen!


As the seniors are ready, we start the light exercise!


While the light exercise starts, we have our CEO (Mrs Dolly Goh) and 3 staff representatives to go to two levels of the residence to give out the goodies bag to celebrate this joyous occasion!


Featuring Germaine, one of the staff who came up with the making of mandarin orange and round lantern interacting a senior.


Terence, one of the newest staff in SNCF enjoying a conversation with two seniors.


Patsie, one of our Senior Managers engaging a senior through sing-a-long.


We had a good time engaging the seniors at NTUC Health Home (Chai Chee) as one company!


No matter where you are, what you do, home is where the heart is! No matter how busy you are, keep the connection going by visiting your loved ones! Not just once a year, but also as frequent as possible. You only live once, why not live it to the fullest with people whom matter to you?

Pick up your phone, dial or text a loved one now!

For those who are far away from home, you are not alone!

Hope that with all the tips that SCOOP had shared helped you in getting are ready for Chinese New Year to come!