Do you know why your parents insist that you have to wear new clothes to wear on Chinese New Year?

It is because they believe that new clothes symbolise a new beginning and hope for the new year. It sets the pace for the rest of the year. Hence, everyone should dress well and in bright colours to usher in the new year!

For me, it is one of the excuses that I give myself to shop during festive season but this time round, it is to shop for bright coloured clothes! As a busy young working adult, sometimes I do not have the luxury of time to go to brick and mortar shops to purchase clothing, hence online is the way to go for me! But I still love to shop at physical shops as I will be able to try out the clothes which I love at first sight!

Here are my recommended places, be it online or brick and mortar where I shopped for Chinese New Year’s clothes this year. (No, this is not a sponsored advertisement, purely my own opinion) 🙂

1. Zalora
Shopping at Zalora means that I can chill at home and scroll through every design which I like without allowing my legs to be aching after all the walking trips to many of the physical shops.

Here are three selection of my clothes:

  • #SOTD (Safe outfit of the day)

What do you think about my super ”play safe” dress for Chinese New Year?















I am sure you are thinking that you do not want to dress like a red packet right?
But have you heard of this saying that: “the most dangerous place is the safest place.”
I believe this is the same as for dressing too! So, if you decided to dress simply, you may consider my red dress which you can re-wear for formal event or work too and pair your dress with the bag below:















  • #DOTD (Dress of the day)

This Printed Mandarin Collar Fit & Flare Dress with Trimmings suits female who like to dress traditional dress in a modern way! Don’t you think it resembles cheongsam yet still bring out the elegant aura of the model? The key thing is that it is currently on offer! You may find similar design from blogshops which is selling at at least $40+ and above, why not consider this instead?














2. Temasek Clothing
I chanced upon Temasek Clothing while reading from Seedly. Their designs are bold and trendy. Calling all the readers that if you want to impress your family or just want to be cool, you may consider these two top below:


I have a great laugh at some of the designs and it is also available in kids size too!

3. Golden Scissors 
Golden Scissors founded by Mdm Li Qiying who run the shop in People’s Park Complex for the past two decades. With the technology disruption, Mdm Li’s shop faced even fierce competition for her business. But with the help of her customer who taught her how to use Instagram to attract youth to purchase the customised unique piece of cheongsam.

cheongsam cheongsam1 cheongsam3


Her cheongsam is price range from $68 for a simple cotton print to $398 for a dress made from an expensive material, such as tea silk. Imagine with us that if you are willing to purchase a $40+ normal working dress or top from a typical blogshop, what more the tailor-made cheongsam that only you have the figure to wear it at a higher price?

Where: 02-1114 People’s Park Complex, Block 32 New Market Road

When: 1 to 8pm daily

Info: Call 8163-0178 or go to or

What are you waiting for? Time to go online or go the shop to shop your way for this Chinese New Year!