Do you feel motivated or pressured to clean your desk or home whenever Chinese New Year is coming?
After all, new year, new beginning! #justsaying.

Check out my desk area and you will know how messy and disorganised am I! But hey, the post-it is quite in order right?office-spring-cleaning

Hence, I am always pressured to clean my desk or home even without the festive season!

So how to help people like me to make sure that spring cleaning is done before Chinese New Year?

There are 3 simple ways to do so!

1. Plan, plan and plan!

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

Without a plan, you will not be able to finish the spring cleaning work as you might not know where you want to start this operation spring cleaning from. Hence, you can create a checklist to organise your day to ensure that you remember all that needs to be completed. I used the Google Keep which helps me to track my progress and boost my motivation to complete all the tasks.






























2. Ask for help!

I am the biggest procrastinator you can find! If you are like me, there are time when people cannot stand our tardiness and they decided to help out by keeping our stuff. BUT, NO, that pull us off totally! Hence, if you really need to clear your desk or home, turn to colleagues, friends or family members for help in the preparation of spring cleaning. Maybe you know, delegate some of section of your desk or rooms of your home to them to help you! You know what, probably, you can organised a mini spring cleaning competition in office or home with incentive to motivate everyone too!








3. Just do it! 

Do not be a hoarder like me. I repeat again, do not be a hoarder! Sometime we tend to be sentimental over the items that we have, we cannot bear to part with them. But remember that with great amount of things we have, the great amount of storage will be needed. Hence, be objective to evaluate on the value of each items ad start throwing!



3 simple ways for you to get started for your spring cleaning this coming Chinese New Year!

Stay tuned for more HUAT AH Series! 🙂