Name: Wei Ling
Age: 2- (privileged information which you don’t have access)
Height: Don’t need to be that tall if I can stand on shoulders of Giants
Weight: (my mass) * g
Favourite Food: Bitter Gourd
Favourite Animes: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Inuyasha

Harlo, I am Wei Ling! I am the intern at Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) for the summer of 2016. I am attached to the marketing department. I’m currently reading Business Administration at NUS, just completed my first two semesters there.

I first got to know about SNCF on Brightsparks portal in 2015 when I applied for SNCF scholarship. Looking back, I realised my understanding of the co-operatives was rather shallow. I recall being stumped when Ms Dolly Goh, CEO of SNCF, posted this question during my second interview, “what’s the difference between social enterprise and co-operatives?”

Fast forward to May 2016, I took the opportunity to bombard my supervisor all my burning questions about co-operatives during the induction session.

“What’s the difference between social enterprise and co-operatives”.

“Co-operatives are regulated social enterprises.”

AHA, so now I know the answer that I was expected to know last year. Well, if it was not obvious that I did not get the scholarship, let me spell it out for you here. Haha. But not attaining the scholarship did not dampen my spirit nor make me distance myself from SNCF. Instead, I think it was a good idea to come to the very place to finish what I started: learning about co-operatives.

Journey to learn about co-operatives
2014 Dec – 2015 Mar: Working part-time cashier at NTUC Fairprice
2015 Mar – Apr: SNCF Scholarship Application
2015 Sep: Participating in SCOOP Trail 2015
2016 March: Application for internship
2016 May – July: Internship @ SNCF