My first task as an intern was to brainstorm for ideas for the upcoming International Co-operative Day Roadshow on 2 & 3 July 2016. Hence, I embarked on googling for SNCF’s past marketing effort, familiarising myself with whatever existing marketing materials I could get my hands on in the office as well as asking my colleagues many questions.

And ta-da, I managed to find something that I could build into an activity for the Roadshow using the pictures books that SNCF produced in 2012. It was a series of picture books targeted at educating young children the co-operative values of self-help and mutual help. As the crowd at Ang Mo Kio hub on a weekend would likely comprise young families, I proposed a reading and colouring corner for young children. These picture books would be displayed on site and colouring pages would be printed for them to colour. My supervisor supported the idea and garnered the approval from the “upstairs” to give out 100 picture books for free on site. Whee!


Other ideas included a photo booth and a panel to display the entries to past years’ SNCF COOPOW! Comic & Manga Design Competition. However, out of these, only the photo booth was adopted for the roadshow.

Once we got past the ideation stage, I sourced for quotes and liaised for vendors to meet us at the office. My supervisor also let me tag along to meet a vendor whom SNCF had previously worked with. These meetings with vendors were really valuable because I learnt a number of industrial insights. These vendors spanned across different areas (manufacturing of our exhibition panels, event support, copywriting, designing of newsletter), hence there were different considerations to take note of. Gradually, we shortlisted vendors and liaised with them over the details for the roadshow.

When the Big Day arrived on 2 July, I was all hyped up and ready to share with the public what I had learnt about co-operatives for the past 2 months. I manned the photo booth and answered enquiries regarding co-operatives. Ang Mo Kio Hub was indeed brimming with young children/families and it made me smile when I saw their happy faces while posing for the photos. Besides being an event in promoting co-operatives, I think we also succeeded in making it a pleasant day for families to enjoy themselves (: