Co-op Hot Shots is an annual photography competition that aims to spread awareness about co-operatives through the medium of photographs! I was tasked with brainstorming for ideas to publicise Co-op Hot Shots. As usual, I came up with some crazy ideas and half of which are probably not as feasible. However, my boss gave me the green light for filming a publicity video. I drew a number of storyboards and went through them with my colleague from the Marketing Team. She provided much feedback regarding the relevance of the storyline and also asked questions to prompt me into thinking more about the logistics needed for filming. Another colleague from the Campus & Youth Team was especially kind to participate in our filming. I’m really thankful to both of them for supporting my storyline (hahahaha even though it’s quite ridiculous and funny).

With all the planning and discussion, we managed to finish filming within 4 hours! During filming, more colleagues helped out and it was really heartwarming to see them getting excited over our filming. This is probably the most fun project I worked on in my time at SNCF.

TA-DA, this is the end product! (please click link below to view)

Co-op Hot Shots 5