Organised by Invade, the people who brought ArtBox (Bangkok-inspired pop-up container bazaar) to Singapore, they brought Shilin Night Market from Taiwan to Singapore.

Shilin Night Market Singapore was held over the two weekends (19 April to 21 April, 26 to 28 April) at The Grounds @ Kranji, The Turf Club, over 300 Taiwanese and local streets food, drinks, creative artisanal products, games and performances were waiting for those who flocked to the event.

Shilin Night Marketing Singapore was already a highly raved event even before the actual day. It was not surprised when I saw on social media that many were queuing to enter for it.

Braving through the crowd, my friends and I reached at 930pm on 20 April 2018, Saturday. It was really massive crowded when we reached even at such a late timing. I also went on 26 April 2019, Friday with my colleagues for the media invites too!

I was greeted with a landscape of neon lights wrapped on the trees when I first reached Shilin Night Market Singapore at The Turf Club.

The night market was divided into four lanes: 吃, 逛, 玩, 樂 (“Eat, Shop, Play, Fun”).

Let’s check out what I have seen at the lanes on both days and see if it is worth the hyper!

1. 吃 – EAT

The main objective of coming to Shilin Night Market Singapore is to EAT. Hence, this is the lane that we came straight once we set foot on the ground.

The queues for the devil’s fried chicken was way too long and we decided not to queue for it but to try out other food that is there.

Hence, we decided to try:

Kazo, a famous Taiwanese bakery is famous for its cream puffs and prided that every single ingredient is flown in from Taiwan to ensure consistency across all outlets. My friends and I decided to get the Hokkaido Cream and Chocolate Cream puff and the Long Kazu. As the cream oozed out from every bite that we have, it was so delicious that made me exclaimed: “Fingers licking good!”

We wanted to try Milk Bro’s Brown Sugar Milk Tea but we could not as it was sold out. Hence, when I saw that Bober Tea was giving out free metal straw if we purchased $8 and above of bubble tea during Shilin Night Market, I was pleasantly attracted by the freebie yet happy that Bober Tea is being environmentally conscious. Without hesitation, my friends and I supported the cause by purchasing their Brown Sugar Milk Tea. So, when I was back again on Friday with my colleagues, I mentioned to them about it and guess what is their response?

Say YES to metal straw for sure!

Even when I came on Friday, I still did not manage to get Devil’s fried chicken despite coming at 530pm! It seems like the hype never die down. Perhaps, I have to fly to Taiwan. Anyone would like to sponsor me on a Taiwan trip? 🙂

We did not want to walk away empty handed without trying any food on Friday. Hence, we decided to try Hot Star Large Fried Chicken.

The queue was long but we managed to order sweet potato and XXL Fried Chicken.

Look at how juicy and tender the chicken meat is!

Our stomach was rather full after feasting, so moving on to the next lane!

2. 逛 – SHOP

What is a night market without shopping? Invade brings the Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong’s creative artisanal companies together to support the creatives to continue to innovate through their businesses. Such opportunities of them contributing to the creative industry to do well and do good together!

Here are some of the local creatives setting up their craft products!

Live drawing of human portraits is conducted too. 

My colleague decided to buy a shoe removal cream after being tested on his shoes.

There was a clothing shop which sells one-of-a-kind clothes. There is only one design of the clothing there! I was intrigued by it as if I bought the clothing from that shop, no one will have the same design as me! The thought of it thrilled me but sadly, nothing caught my attention and it was rather pricey beyond my budget. Hence, I did not manage to get any clothes.

3. 玩 – PLAY

Another agenda of coming to Shilin Night Market Singapore was my friends wanted to try out the claw machine to get toys!

It was heartwarming to see the lanes filled with family. Be it with two generations or three generations braving the sticky and humid condition, they had fun intensively getting the toys and rejoice when toys were being caught.

Check out how intense my friends were focusing to get the Hello Kitty toys!

Damaged: Closed to $17 for two Hello Kitty toys from the claw machines.

There was a human claw machine too but we were too engrossed with getting the toys and did not manage to see the machine “live”.

4. 樂 – FUN

Check out the Power K ‘s machine where you can sing K without being judged. Your friends can join in with you too.

A platform stage was also set up for those who are bold to showcase their own singing too.

Other than those who are bold to open mic on their own time, there was a real stage for local singers and band to perform:

Here is a photo of the audience’ sitting areas while waiting for the performers to be ready.

A movie screening stage was there for those who are interested to watch movies under the stars too! Air mocks was set up for audiences to try and if they like it. A purchase can be done as there was a stall for it.

They also have colourful benches which act as tables too. Check out my colleague who takes the bench as training of his triceps.

There were also photos opportunities for the crowd along the lanes. Below are some of the poses that my friends and colleagues had taken:

For those who love to pose.

My colleagues and I who just want to take a normal photo with pretty backdrop.

Pretty neon light to take photos after your purchase at Bober Tea.

When at night, your face will only be able to be shown through flash function. Hence, your back view will be best view.

Check out my couple’s friends posing a heart shape to celebrate their 64th monthsary!

 Friends need not FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)! You may also take a beautiful back view with your friend too.

Is it worth the hype? I guess, if you are in just for the highly raved food, you may walk away empty-handed due to the crazy long queue unless you have the endurance and patience to wait. If you are in for the ambience to experience how Shilin Night Market is, you are a champion of embracing the heat and humid condition of the crowd. It was very heartening to see families and friends coming all the way to Singapore Turf Club to experience such a nightlife instead of a common area like Orchard. It was an enjoyable experience for both day and night nonetheless

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