All In! Young Writers Festival 2017 is just a few months away, and our speakers and workshop facilitators are already revved up to meet you all!

We’ve asked our speakers about their passion for writing, and here’s what they’ve shared with us:



1. What got you into writing in your industry/profession?

In the public service, writing was more to make clear a point/proposal/paper. But in the creative industry, actors too, get into the whole dream-character crafting and then start spinnng a script around it. Other than that, a hopeless romantic .. Oh-well sort of.


2. What inspires you to continue doing what you do?

Other than sheer passion.. I saw working with youths and acting, as mutually beneficial. And it sums up in one word to me “influence” .. And I hope to use it as positively as possible.


3. What opportunities can young writers expect from your line of work?

I guess generally in the media/film industry, there are a lot of shortfilm competitions that young writers can realise/showcase their scripts. That would allow them to be spotted!


4. What message/tip can you share with young writers out there?

Observe. Go out to the heartlands, shopping centres, food court, taxi stand, everywhere and observe how people act/react/behave. .. Likely to give you interesting anecdotes for your script! .. Travelling is another great experience to observe and learn from people too!


5. How do you think a co-operative model could help in your line of work?

There exist various co-operatives overseas, for creative professionals – musicians (Midwest Musicians), photographers (Magnum), film production (London Film Makers), journalism (Associated Press), dancers (Harrisonburg), acting (Castway Actors), writers (Carlow Writers’), graphic designers (Redroots), etc.

Coming together to form a collective representation and power that gives you some negotiation ammunition has certainly proven to be beneficial for them. The creative individuals were able to successfully work together and yet independently. The representative body could also then ensure that their members welfare is taken care of, both economically and socially; so that creatives could focus on their creative output. Great deal of admin/operational stress off the minds too right!?


6. What do you think of the power of collaboration in your industry/profession?

Simple.. “Collaboration caused me to lose out” said no one ever!



* * *
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