Co-operative has a rich history since first established in 1925. Many co-operatives were established and liquidated throughout the years. But one thing remains is the core of doing well and doing good as a co-operative to continue to benefit the communities.

Though we are unable to visit any co-operatives physically during the Circuit Breaker period, we are glad to introduce our two newly set up Co-operatives namely: Helmet and The Penguin Co-op and A Good Space Co-op.

Helmet And The Penguin 

helmet and the penguin logo

Helmet And The Penguin (HATP) has an interesting background story of how their name comes about.

helmet of salvation image

Credit: Crosswalk

The helmet represents the helmet of salvation where they are confident and hopeful of what lies ahead of them as they are prepared to face life’s storms.

pexel penguins pic

The penguin represents a faithful and arduous journey.
Fun fact of a pair of Magellanic penguins who have been faithful for 16 years out of their possible 20 years of life span. Despite spending their time alone, every year they returned to the same nest, into each other embrace, to produce a new brood of penguins.

Helmet And The Penguin (HATP) was established on 17 February 2020 with two social missions:

  1. To provide highly affordable haircuts by professional hairstylists to senior citizens at nursing homes, saving them the hassle of travelling to the hair salon.
  2. To provide vocational training and employment opportunities to single mothers, disadvantaged youths, people with disabilities as well as ex-offenders.

helmet and the penguins beneficiares

Credit: Salon Social

HATP’s founders – Ms Delia Yang and Mr Ritz Tng who are professional hairstylists decided to go mobile for their haircut services so that they can move to any location at any time to be closer to their customers. With every hairdo you engaged HATP, you are partnering HATP to impact lives such as persons with disabilities (PWDs), aspiring youths in difficult circumstances and single parent households.

helmet and penguins pamphlet

A Good Space 

A Good Space Logo

Prior to becoming a co-operative, A Good Space was a ground-up initiative which was established in February 2017, where two friends (Ms Anthea Ong (social changemaker and founder of Hush Tea Bar) and Ms Melissa Kwee (CEO of the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre) came together to conspire A Good Space as a community-led effort to support active citizenry.

With the paradigm shift of working with the people, for the people, A Good Space (AGS) is established as a co-operative on 31 March 2020 that aims to support this shift. A Good Space aims to become a community-owned co-operative that brings together active citizens, community-based organisations, social enterprises, companies and anyone concerned about social problems to create the Singapore of our dreams, together.

A good space group photo

Credit: A Good Space 

A Good Space sees themselves achieving four key objectives for Singapore, through their various products and services:

  1. Create sustainability for citizen changemakers
  2. Encourage collaboration amongst changemakers with diverse needs and views
  3. Engage the private sector as every employee can be an active citizen
  4. Develop civic capability in changemakers

As a passionate individual, you may consider to come up with a project to empower positive changes or even give your time to volunteer for social causes. There are over 26 social issues including climate change, social inequality, mental wellness, seniors and more for you to learn through innovative activities, social experiments, games and events! Check out their active Facebook Page!

Having unused spaces and not sure what to do with it in your company? Engage A Good Space to utilise the space for a meaningful conversation not just with employees but also for others who needed a space for this purposeful gathering.

Learning never stops, regardless of your circumstances in life, you as an individual are able to contribute in your own small ways as well. Be like these two newly formed co-ops who braved the uncertainty in the midst of COVID-19 to set up a co-operative to contribute to the betterment of the communities.