Do you remember excitedly packing your schoolbags knowing that you will be going on a learning journey with your friends the next day? Regardless of the learning journey destination, students are always looking forward to board the bus to travel out of school with their friends!

The same thing happened for Global Indian International School (Punggol) students! SNCF had the opportunity to bring them to TCC Credit Co-operative Limited for their Learning Journey as part of their End of Exam activities. I remember vividly, it was a Thursday morning when the bus alighted the students and them ran excitedly to the entrance of TCC.


More about TCC

TCC was established in 1928 to serve the employees of the Oriental Telephone Company (it was known as the Oriental Telephone Company Thrift and Loan Society). TCC is a family-oriented Credit Co-operative. A not-for-profit financial institution, TCC provides members with a safe repository for savings and access to credit at affordable interest rates.


Let’s Start the Learning Journey

Students were welcomed at the entrance of TCC, where Girish from TCC was introducing himself to the students before bringing them up to the conference room for more sharing.

start of LJ at TCC

Girish welcoming GIIS Students at TCC


Opening and Sharing Session

sharing of TCC LJ

Students excitedly enter the conference room as TCC has graciously prepared Krispy Kreme donuts as refreshments for the students. Kharthick gave the opening speech where he shared more about what a co-operative is and TCC as a credit co-operative. Students were extremely interested and engaged throughout the sharing session as it was their first time learning about credit co-operative. Most of the students were in the Business Management and Commerce stream which led to them being interested to know more about TCC.

sharing by Khartick

To allow students to have a better understanding of co-operatives, Kharthick used a Sunkist orange juice to share with students that Sunkist is also a co-operative. Students were all very attentive and engaged during the entire sharing as they learnt about new contents which they never knew and learnt before in school.

After sharing with students about co-operative and the history of TCC, TCC proceeded to share more about the benefits of being a member and the different types of services which TCC provides. The sharing caught more of the student’s attention and interest, which resulted in many of them wanting to sign up as a TCC member.

What is sharing without the Questions and Answers (Q&A) section? I was pleasantly surprised at the number of raised hands. Usually, students are extremely quiet and shy when it comes to the Q&A session. However, that did not happen for this Learning Journey! Students were all taking turns to ask questions and even the teacher of GIIS also had questions to ask. This shows how engaging the entire sharing session was that all students stayed attentive throughout the session and end of with lots of queries. 


Tour around TCC

Tour around TCC

After the sharing session, students were given the opportunity to tour around TCC office where Kharthick shared more on the different job scopes in TCC office. Students followed around closely as they had the chance to see the back-end operations and the counters of the customer service officer.


Time to say Goodbye!

Goodbye LJ TCC

‘Time really flies when you are having fun’ I guess this statement is really true. Little did we know, 2 hours have passed just like this! The Learning Journey concluded with a group photo with both Global Indian Students, TCC staffs and SNCF staff. It was a very fruitful learning journey as students not only got to know more about co-operatives and the credit sector but also understand more about TCC itself!

To find out more about TCC Credit Co-operative Limited, do visit:

Lisa Chan AuthorThis article is brought to you by Lisa Chan who is currently working at SNCF in the Campus and Youth Team. She has a passion for dancing and has been dancing since the age of three!