Wait what? Orange Force? Maybe they might provide orange juice!”

That was exactly my thoughts when I found out that I was going on a Learning Journey to NTUC Income Orange Force! This learning journey was to enable the students from Holy Innocent’s High School (HIHS) to physically observe the pillars of a co-operative business model through the observation. Let me share with you more about my experience with the one and only accident assistance on site in Singapore!

Orange Force is NTUC Income’s 24/7 accident response team. They have a social mission to assist the policyholders through advice, ensuring their safety, providing basic first aid and help to arrange alternative transportation for their policyholders. This service provided is part of NTUC Income’s commitment in providing an unprecedented level of customer service to their policyholders.

Upon arrival at NTUC Income@Tampines Point, we were warmly greeted by the staff of Orange Force and a very unusual yet striking orange motorbike. You definitely won’t miss them on the road because they are THAT bright. Ms Hadi, our main host for the day gave us an overview of who they are and even gave the students from HIHS the opportunity to sit on the bike.

Students on the Orange Force Motorbike

We then proceed to their main office in the building at Level 6 to participate in a presentation by Mr Eugene Kek, Operations Executive and Rider. He gave us an overview of the company and enabled the students (including me!) to learn more about their social mission and vision.

Mr Eugene giving a presentation of Orange Force

The company has a vision to provide a “WOW” level of customer service that will help them to differentiate themselves from other competitors. They also want to create a positive impact for their customers as well as deterring fraudulent activities and minimize legal fees. This is done through the presence of the Orange Force Riders at the scene of the accident so that they can take down actual evidence through a variety of gadgets.

There were two things that really surprised me during this journey.

  1. Gamification

Gamification of Orange Force Processes

Students could see the relevance of what Orange Force is doing through the event happening in the game. I found out that this was one of the latest structure in the learning journey so that the students could understand a co-operative social mission better. Orange Force gamified their communication, fleet management and case management.

Students participating in the walkie talkie activity

 Throughout the presentation, the students were very enthusiastic in the activities which also includes deciphering a message through a walkie-talkie.

  1. Motor Service Centre

It surprised me to know that not only does Orange Force assist you in taking the details down for insurance but also ensure that you have alternative transportation while they repair your car at their service centre. Just think about how comforting it would be if all your necessary expenses in repairing your car with external vendors would be as compared to a service provided by NTUC for you!

All in all, this learning journey has showed me how to innovate and enable our business model to do well and do good at the same time. At least now I can be assured that when I own a car in the future, I would not have to worry about anything cause Orange Force by Income would have me all covered!

A group shot to end of this exciting learning journey!

This article is brought to you by Janice Chai, a Year 2 Business Student at Nanyang Technological University. She loves to travel around the world especially going on hikes to see nature’s beauty.