National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) is Singapore’s national confederation of trade unions as well as a network of professional associations and partners across all sectors of Singapore.


Through visiting the NTUC Warehouse Club Call Centre, we learned about co -operatives & NTUC Co-operative. Co-operatives are described as regulated social enterprises which are owned by people, run by people and for the people. This implies that their main objective is to ultimately help or impact people’s lives positively.


The NTUC co-operative includes NTUC Fairprice, NTUC Health co-operative, NTUC Income & NTUC First Campus Co-operative Limited. NTUC Fairprice is a supermarket chain based in Singapore and the largest in the country, NTUC Health provides quality and affordable healthcare, while NTUC Income offers affordable insurance policies covering a multitude of conditions.


Visiting NTUC Income Call Centre was an eye opener, because I marvelled at how technologically advanced the call centre is. For example, the command centre’s is able to monitor the KPIs, call volume and even VIPs’ calls. The system created to support the call centre enabled assistance from all levels. All in all, it was evident that the service provided by NTUC Income was to strive for greater excellence to arm them with an edge over their competitors.


Another interesting note is the level of staff welfare provided. From workout sessions to regular staff events, NTUC Income call-centre spares no expense in providing the employees a real sense of belonging in the company. Indeed, the pride and unity NTUC Income call-centre have for the quality of work they provide, gave me immense appreciation in the work they do.


From the field trip, I have learnt how modern call centres work and how future call centres might develop through the use of technology. I have also been educated on the co-operatives in Singapore including the NTUC conglomerate and the campus co-operatives.


As we progress towards the future, I hope that just like NTUC Income call-centre, I too will also be constantly seeking to improve my skillsets, to better myself each day.