Everyone have their own perspective of certain things, does things a certain way, behave in a certain manner, including myself. There will definitely be for scholarship as well but not all you have heard or think of are true. Here are the misconceptions about scholarship that should change your perception by the end of the article.


  1. Only students with the best grades become scholars

Perhaps you might be thinking… Isn’t that always the case? Only people with higher grades get it and those with lower grades don’t stand a chance. That’s not exactly true. Grades may be one of the factors considered, but at least for some scholarships including SNCF Scholarship, it is not all about good grades. In what way? We also look at other factors such as your interest, communication & interpersonal skills, and passion to give back to the society.


  1. Scholarships are too competitive to apply

If you don’t apply you definitely won’t get selected. Needless to say about competition with other people because you have already defeated yourself. Don’t miss out on scholarships that you have not heard of as competition will definitely be lower. Do your research on the scholarships available and check through the criteria & benefits. If you found a scholarship that fits your interest and future plans, go ahead and click that ‘apply’ button. As long as you have done your best and showed your interest through your application and interview, all is worth a try.


  1. The application is too tedious

With advanced technology, everything is stored in the computer and all you need to do is complete the fields and upload the documents. Definitely there will be some application which requires you to submit an essay, letter or even a video but how often do you apply for a scholarship? One, two or three times in your lifetime? Think about the benefits and motivate yourself. You will be surprise applying for a scholarship may be simpler than apply for a job in the future.


  1. Poly students have a lower chance of securing scholarships

Just search through forums and you will be able to find polytechnic students awarded with scholarships. The experience gained through internships may give you an added advantage especially if it is related to the scholarship you are applying. Remember, the organisation considers the whole package and not the school you are from.


Sometimes the greatest rewards go to those who dare to try.

Take a look at our SNCF Scholarship and start applying!