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Congratulations to Ariel Guarco, from Argentina, as the newly elected president of ICA.


This year’s election took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Mr Guarco has received 671 votes from a total of 691 total votes.


Interestingly, Mr Guarco comes from a family of co-operaters! His mum had worked for her local villager’s electric co-op. After joining the co-op and holding various positions, Mr Guarco was elected as the president and still presides over the Buenos Aires Electric Cooperative Federation. He has been a board member of the Alliance since 2013.


Mr Guarco mentioned that cooperatives are enterprises that have a double function. They must be economically viable, compete in the market to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to be profitable. On the other hand, they need to be socially responsible by helping improve quality of life of their members and be faithful to their principle of commitment to the community as well as society as a whole.


Click here for the full speech of the President of the Alliance.


Well said!

As the newly elected president, one of Mr Guarco’s priorities is to improve the quality & quantity of information given to members on income, balance sheets, and projects – and in doing so, empower organisations when it comes to decision-making.


A full new board was elected at the General Assembly and Mr Kwek Kok Kwong (KK), Chairman of Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF), has been elected in the ICA Global Board.


“It is a great honour for me to be elected and I am grateful to ICA members, ICA-Asia Pacific Board members and SNCF for their support and nomination,” said Mr Kwek.


He will be serving a four year term from November 2017 and shared that he will be looking forward to forging closer collaborations between local, regional and international co-operatives, supporting the needs of the world’s ageing population and growing the cooperative movement amongst the youth of today to promote the sustainability of the cooperatives.


“Only by working together can we be Greater Together.” – Mr Kwek Kok Kwong


Congratulations Mr Kwek for being elected in the ICA Global Board!