The year 2017 looks set to serve up the gift of bigger, better and brighter tidings for our workers. Check out our top 12 things to look forward to in the new year!


NTUC Social Enterprises

In 2017, NTUC Health will open up two more nursing homes in Geylang East and Chai Chee, making it one of the largest nursing home providers in Singapore. Both are expected to be operational by the middle of next year. The nursing homes will provide day and home care services with their own team of doctors, therapists, nurses, pharmacists and dentists.

From 1 January 2017, NTUC Income will extend their support to low-income families from 1 January 2017 by replacing the current Income Family Micro-Insurance Scheme (IFMIS) with the new Income Family Micro-Insurance Savings Scheme (IFMISS).

Similar to IFMIS, affected families are given a payout of $5,000 in the event the insured person passes away or suffers from total and permanent disability. In addition to this, IFMISS will match the collective savings of the affected family dollar for dollar, capped at a maximum of $5,000.

There are no premiums and eligible individuals will be enrolled automatically.


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