Ever seen good and useful treasures parked at one corner of your home or your estate?

Such as this:

or this

Usually, you will spot such a scene when people are moving their house or festival season coming which required spring cleaning!

What will come into your mind when you see such good and useful treasures but were unwanted?

My first thought will definitely be donating to thrift shops so that they can resell it to the general public for their own social causes. Do well, do good, that is the co-operative spirit! Is it?

Spotting of all these useful general household appliances around his workplace and estate, Jonathan How and his friends find it wasteful that people are not maximising the value of their preloved items.

Furthermore, his mum is an avid donor who will donate unwanted and useable items to Tzu Chi Foundation bi-weekly. Her action encouraged their neighbours to also donate items through his mum to Tzu Chi Foundation so that more can benefit from these useful but unwanted goods.

With that Jonathan, Year 1 Business student at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) started this initiative of Sharetings right after his army days.

SG Freebie by Sharetings is a community-centric Telegram Channel founded in Septemeber 2018 that facilitates the giving and receiving of unwanted, useable items to maximize their use and value and to reduce waste in Singapore.

While researching for a mode of outreach to the public on his initiative, he realised that there are actually various Facebook groups with the same initiative. For example, Singapore Really Really Free Market. However, he discovered a distinct issue where there is no one-stop platform for all users to consolidate their pre-loved items. The users have to visit individual groups for different purposes which is rather time-consuming. In addition, communication channels were not convenience because if you are not ‘friend’ of the group, your message might not be able to send through to the admin. This will result in miscommunication between the users and the admin.

Through his NTU’s studies lives, he realised that NTU has a lot of Telegram Channels which helps students to stay informed and better manage their lives on campus. Some of which are also students’ initiatives such as @NTULostandFound when a student from NTU lost his wallet in Singapore Management University and was able to retrieve back within 10 minutes because someone had posted his wallet on one of their campus Telegram chats.

Jonathan felt that as Telegram channel is anonymous because personal details will not be exposed to strangers other than usernames (telegram’s handle). Telegram also has a bot to facilitate the feature of the channels. Most importantly, as a non-techy person, Jonathan finds that Telegram is easy to navigate and cheap to maintain.

Once you joined the channel, you can post your pre-loved items and see any interested parties who will want to take from you.

Example of freebie giveaway via the screenshot of SGFreebie.

Since its inception, 1700 users had joined SGFreebie. With 635 views, close to 40% of successful items have been taken.

Jonathan hopes that this channel will eventually soar to the next height by becoming a mobile application where the public could download and exchange their items.

Have you ever think of giving out good and useful items to the general public who might need the items but not able to afford it or simply, did not aware of the items’ existence for some?

Why not give Sharetings a try today?

Check out at the various platforms:

Telegram: SGFreebie
Instagram: Sharetings
Facebook: Sharetings