Do you know how many food courts are there in Ngee Ann poly? They have a total of 4 food courts and one cafe that spread across the campus. With the limited lunch timing given, I’m sure that there is not enough time for you to fully explore the plethora of foods that each food court offers. Lessons can be dry and boring, but one of the highlights for me is always having lunch with my friends. If you’re a student in Ngee Ann Poly, you’ll know that having to choose what to eat for lunch can be difficult as you’re spoiled for choices, so here are my top 5 meals in Ngee Ann Poly to go. 


#1: Chicken Fuyong


First meal on the list is Chicken Fuyong from the Japanese Stall located at Makan Place. This dish is definitely one of the most popular dishes on campus because it is the go-to dish for many students due to its value for money. Chicken Fuyong is fried chicken on top of a layer of egg topped with teriyaki sauce and it is served on a hotplate and comes with a serving of Japanese rice. The egg has a fluffy texture and when eaten together with the rice, seems like a match made in heaven. The teriyaki sauce also really complements the savoury flavour of the egg.  A classic choice for lunch, the queue at this stall never ceases to amaze. I really enjoy this dish as it always leaves me with a great sense of satisfaction. Rest assured, the wait will definitely be worth-it once you get to taste it for yourself. 


Location: Japanese Stall @ Makan Place

Price     : $3.30


#2: Mala Xiang Guo


Second meal on the list is Mala from the Mala stall. Due to the recent Mala craze, the popularity of Mala has gone off the charts. Mala is gradually becoming a staple in every Kopitiam around Singapore. Mala Xiang Guo is a dish whereby various ingredients for e.g, noodles, meat and vegetables are stir-fried with spicy Sichuan sauce and seasonings. The Mala stall offers 3-levels of spiciness, which are Xiao La, Zhong La and Da La which means less spicy, medium spicy and most spicy respectively. The Mala here generally has more spices in it which makes it taste more robust than other places. Prices depend on how many ingredients you order, although prices are generally cheaper as compared to outside. Make the best of those long 2 hour breaks with a fiery hot bowl of Mala Xiang Guo that can be shared with friends. Furthermore, this Mala Stall is halal-certified which means that you can bring your Malay friends along as well!


Location: Mala Stall @ Munch

Price      : $5 – $10 per pax


#3: XXL Fried Chicken Cutlet With Rice


Third meal on the list is the XXL fried chicken cutlet with rice from the Taiwanese stall. If you’re feeling famished after a day in school, what better way is there to treat yourself than to indulge in a little guilty pleasure? Chicken is coated in a unique batter and is deep-fried to perfection, which gives the dish a crispy and tender texture. Chilli powder is then sprinkled on top of the cutlet to give the chicken a spicy taste to it. Additionally, it comes with a generous serving of rice drenched in braised meat sauce, a side of salad and braised egg. Definitely getting the most bang for your bucks. The portion is really huge and I was already full before I could finish it but it was definitely a pleasant experience! Be prepared to be in a state of food coma after indulging in this.


Location: Taiwanese Stall @ Munch

Price     : $5


#4: Cai Fan

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Fourth meal on the list is mixed vegetable rice, also known as Cai Fan. Cai Fan refers to a mix of meat and vegetable dishes and is usually served with a portion of rice. What I like about Cai Fan is the fact that it is a customisable dish. For instance, on days where you are feeling adventurous, you could mix it up a notch and try a new meat dish. On days where you feel like eating healthy and clean, you could simply order a few vegetable dishes with rice.


 The mixed vegetable rice stall at Makan Place offers a wide selection of dishes for you to choose from, ranging from 10 to 15 dishes. The dishes here are also kept warm and hot and each dish is freshly made to serve, leaving you wanting to come back for more. Personally, my favourite combination of dishes includes broccoli, tofu and a meat with steamed rice slathered with gravy on top. Additionally, mixed vegetable rice is meant to be economical. A dish that consists of 2 meats and 1 vegetable would only set you back around $4, definitely value for money. 


Location: Mixed Vegetable Rice @ Makan Place

Price     : $2.50-$6


#5: Ban Mian


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Last meal on the list is Ban Mian from the fish soup stall at Food Club. Noodles from this particular stall are handmade, which gives the noodles a bouncy and springy texture. The soup is rich, savoury and full of flavours with fried spring onions and tiny anchovies as garnishes that add a salty kick to the dish. The egg adds a layer of creaminess to the dish. Noodles wise, there are mainly four types of noodles – Ban Mian, U-Mian, Mee Hoon Kueh and Ee-Mian but I highly recommend ordering the Ban Mian. 


Location: Ban Mian Stall@ Food Club

Price     : $3.50



Food Courts in Polytechnics are filled with many different types of food that are affordable and delicious. Choosing what to eat can be a headache at times as you are spoilt for choices. Regardless of whichever cravings you might have, the food court has you covered! After a tiring day in school, indulge and treat yourself with these mouth-watering foods. Grab a few of your friends along and try the various assortment of meals available. After all, good foods are meant to be shared!

This article was brought to you by Adrian How Jian Yang who is currently interning in SNCF. He is in his third year of his polytechnic education and is pursuing a diploma in Business and Social Enterprise at Ngee Ann polytechnic. He likes to play basketball, travel and enjoys spending time with his dog.