The lack of co-operative awareness in Singapore is an issue that has been improving progressively within the past few years. However, we can all agree that there is always space for brilliant minds to innovate!


On 25th July, 5 teams of trendy youths from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, attempted to raise innovative ideas to raise Co-operative awareness. In a bid to fulfil their project requirements, the students spared no effort in raising various cool ideas to a panel of judges made up of SNCF and Ninemer PR’s staffs. As more innovative ideas were raised, so did the eyebrows of the judges – in pleasant surprise!


The session started with GSKR Agency – with their idea to associate Co-operatives to building blocks of Lego. The parallel brought forth how co-operatives are the building blocks to the nation-building of Singapore.      Ideas like Content Calendars and Lego Co-op Festival also sought to introduce the concept of co-operative and raise awareness!




Next up, BTS Agency introduced their idea of using a Superhero theme to portray their big concept that – Co-operatives are our everyday heroes! I was bought over by the idea of their Game of Heroes – a combined game of Monopoly and City Story where players will answer co-operative trivias to win points. Simple and interactive, a definite youth-pleaser!




This is followed by, Bean There Done That – with their idea to open a pop-up café where they will hire and train students to be baristas. Through this feasible idea, they will incorporate co-operative values and quotes that will be reflected on their cups and pushcart. What’s most interesting is the way the coffee will be priced – through a price-mechanism system that will emphasize on the democratic control of the co-operatives, that every member can decide on the price. Wow, just thinking about this is already making me excited!




Our fourth group, Summer Agencies’ idea of attracting youths with a heritage theme was very interesting too. As we all know, there is a current trend in the things of the past. Retro, yet aesthetically pleasing items brimming with co-operative culture was the center of their idea. If carried out well, there is definitely great potential in this idea!




Our final group, Hunnid Agency, ended our session with a bang! With their youthful energy, they sold not just an idea but a story that reflected the passion they had. From a Make-up Co-op to a fashion show with items bought from Co-operatives – they were basically presenting ideas that screamed FUN!



Through the entire process of pitching, the judges gave valuable feedback that the students absorbed earnestly. The judges commended each group and pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of each group. We believe that this presentation not only benefitted the students, but the judges too – as the infectious youthful energy and astonishingly brilliant ideas encompassed the room!



These youths are vessels bursting with creative juices! Here is an encouragement to all you younglings, who have creative ideas too – always seek to make your ideas as feasible and sound as possible! But allow your ideas to soar and always reach for the stars too!


Do you have any interesting idea that you want to contribute to raising co-operative awareness? Do reach us at our Facebook or Instagram and let us know your ideas!