“What is the recommended number of pages my resume should have?”

“What details should I include in my resume?”

 “What should I say in a job interview?”

 These were some questions posed by students during a learning journey coordinated by SNCF between Educare and students at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

In a bid to increase youth awareness about co-operatives in Singapore, Educare visited students at Ngee Ann polytechnic to conduct a workshop on resume writing and job interview skills.

The class had approximately 35 students who were majoring in either management or business and social enterprise.

To a nascent teenager halfway through post-secondary education, learning and applying these skills may seem premature. However, in light that these students will be embarking on an internship as part of their graduating criteria, it was crucial that they start thinking about their resume and work towards filling in the gaps in their portfolio.

Educare’s Miss Nimas, a Human Resource professional, began the workshop by introducing Educare as a co-operative formed by the Singapore Teacher’s Union and elaborated on the various services that they provided. Subsequently, she shared her personal encounters with “interesting” resumes before providing detailed recommendations on how a typical resume should be.

Miss Nimas engaging students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Diploma in Business and Social Enterprise.

Afterwards, the students were split into groups of 4 – 5 students and every group had to collectively craft one resume. This resume would later be used to conduct a mock job interview.

As I walked around the classroom, facilitating small group discussion, I observed that many students were able to grasp the essentials of a good resume. They were mindful in including appropriate experiences relevant to the job they were applying for and conscious in avoiding the common mistakes mentioned earlier on by Miss Nimas.

Students working together on a resume.

After spending 45 minutes working on a resume, each group sent 2 representatives as potential job applicants with Miss Nimas acting as the job interviewer.

The role-playing section was particularly enjoyable for many students. In contrast to their usual playfulness and wit, students had to don a formal disposition and answer gruelling questions from Miss Nimas, based on their resumes.

Miss Nimas interviewing 2 students applying for a Hotel Chef job

Miss Nimas also provided feedback on how the students faired in the mock interview. She cited several key points such as body posture, eye-contact and use of appropriate language that were pertinent to creating a good first impression and increasing chances of a job offer.

In sum, the students at Ngee Ann Polytechnic took away invaluable lessons from the resume writing workshop. Having been exposed to the common pitfalls in resume writing and first-hand advice from a Human Resource professional, like Miss Nimas, they are now more competent and prepared to secure their internship or job in the near future.

This article is brought to you by Jazlee Wee Jia Li , a Year 2 student at the National University of Singapore (NUS) pursuing a Double Major in Economics and Statistics. Having undergone piano lessons as a child, Jazlee enjoys spontaneous jamming sessions with his friends during his free time. On other days, he prefers reclining in his sofa and watching Netflix shows or movies with his friends and family.