The team at Purnama Outreach has been aware and concerned about single-use plastics for some time now, but the impetus to finally formalize our concerns into a campaign was quite personal. Although we are avid nature enthusiasts, it was our foray into scuba diving that brought our broad concerns to a defining moment.  We officially launched our No Plastic Straws Campaign as Straw Wars Singapore on the past Earth Day, April 22, 2018.

We are big believers in the Green is the New Black’s idea of #LittleGreenSteps, and that is the approach we take with our Straw Wars campaign. We understand that not everyone, both individuals and businesses, are ready to completely eliminate plastic straws in one fell swoop. Our aim is to start with awareness of the problem of plastics straws and other single-use plastics.

Our initiative aims to persuade the public to reduce and eventually stop their need of plastic straws when they visit businesses to help minimize plastic pollution, especially those who really don’t want or need to be automatically served a plastic straw.

For those who enjoy the use of straws, we would love to change hearts and minds to look to the many and increasingly available substitutes to single-use plastic. We encourage individuals that share our concern to take our No Straws Pledge.

For businesses, we simply want to start with a 30 day pledge to only offer plastic straws upon request.  We hope this will start the dialog and set the path for organic change.

We have been pleased to be met with open minds and great response. The feedback from our booths at various pop-ups and festivals has been encouraging.  The youth of Singapore especially seem attuned and excited about the prospect of change in the use of plastic straws. We are very proud to already have several F&B and other businesses join the pledge, even offering various substitutes to the plastic straw.

Exclusively for SCOOP Trail 2019’s participants, follow the Straw Wars Singapore campaign ( in exchange for a complimentary straw on the event day itself!