Getting to go on a Learning Journey (LJ) always excites me (regardless of when I was in school, or my internship with SNCF). To me, it is a refreshing respite from the usual confines of the four walls (aka my classroom, or for now, the office). Lucky for me, my internship often sends us out on several such LJs or external meetings where I get to see, first hand’s concepts come to life and co-operatives in action!

This time, I was at Holy Innocents’ High School to see Ms Nimas from Educare Co-operative in action!

What is Educare?

Educare is a co-operative of the Singapore Teacher’s Union that hopes to “Shape Destinies” by being “A Leading Education Service Provider”. Some of their core services include the Professional Development of skills and capacities of our educators, Overseas Education Consultancy to enhance schools, systems and teaching quality, as well as Human Resource Solutions! 

Educare hosting a study trip for the Tartarstan MOEs and IED officials, led by Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan Dr Engel Fattakhov in Singapore.

Writing of Resumes

As the LJ was catered towards the Secondary 4 students (from Express, NA and NT stream), the programme structure focused upon resume writing and interviewing skills instead of professional skills meant for working adults! Ms Nimas kickstarted the class by doing a quick introduction on Educare as well as the basic resume structure:

Afterwards, the students had to write a sample resume following the given structure. Some groups were quick to decide the occupations – lawyer, doctor, teacher, engineer, business executive etc. However, once it got to writing about work experiences and past achievements, almost every group struggled with what to fill in. Some students then started asking me good questions such as Must everything in my resume be related to the job I am applying for?” It was quite heart-warming to see these few students taking the activity seriously and learning new skills along the way!

Coming from an all Express (all girls) Secondary School, my experiences with multi-track students are, unfortunately, few and far between. Thus, at first, I was unsure of approaching the more mischievous and restless students (who tended to be the boys). After mingling with them, I realised that their disinterest may stem from their inability to see the relevance of a resume writing skill in their current lives. So whilst some of them were taking it seriously (one boy shared that he would use it to get a part-time job during the holidays!), quite a number were merely there to kill time. Reality of life, isn’t it?

Joy in the Interviews 

Nonetheless, during the interview session, these students were very participative – they maintained eye contact with Ms Nimas, sitting upright with both hands on their knees (as if it was a REAL interview) and answering the mock interview questions with seriousness and thought. I was impressed!

Students preparing themselves for the mock interview session as Ms Nimas runs through the content of their resume!

These students sure look like they’re enjoying themselves – learning and laughing, how fun!

I guess my biggest takeaway from the LJ with Educare is the importance of engaging and equipping students from a young age – that is where Educare’s services come in! Perhaps, something that could have been improved was the explanation of the value of such a service to the students’ lives, and to amplify the importance of thinking ahead (even, and especially, if you are still a secondary or tertiary student).

Curious about Educare and their services? Click here for more:

This article is brought to you by Charmaine Lee, a Year 2 student currently studying in NUS Business + USP. She absolutely love eating mala hotpot and sashimi, love festivals, carnivals and bazaars of AsLL kinds, and if you introduce hipster music to her, she will take a listen!