All In! Young Writers Festival 2017 is just a few months away, and our speakers and workshop facilitators are already revved up to meet you all!

We’ve asked our speakers about their passion for writing, and here’s what they’ve shared with us:



1. What got you into writing in your industry/profession?

I write and play music for my band HubbaBubbas. I’ve always been interested in how music can tell a story and paint a picture that you ‘see’ with your ears. After playing covers for awhile, we finally decided to take the step into telling our stories to the world, one pair of ears at a time.



2. What convinced you to pursue a career that involved writing?

Making music has always intrigued me, and somewhere along the line I realised that writing and performing music could be viable.



3. What inspires you to continue doing what you do?

That somewhere, somehow, someone would relate to our music, and that sometimes, we can help people feel things.



4. What opportunities can young writers expect from your line of work?

Being able to pour your heart out in the guise of a song.



5. What message/tip can you share with young writers out there?

Start writing, drink a lot of water and sleep enough hahaha. Also, always be on the lookout for unique opportunities, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get.



6. How do you think a co-operative model could help in your line of work?

As a musician, being able to work with other artists, be it producers, writers, or even performers from other disciplines, would bring so many new ideas and concepts to the table, and I’m also very interested in exploring collaboration between artists from different fields to create art.


7. What do you think of the power of collaboration in your industry/profession?

Collaboration is a powerful tool that creates opportunities and inspiration, and it can give you new perspectives to teach you many new things.



* * *
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