In my previous article on Strategies to Finding the Correct Scholarship, I mentioned the need to understand the scholarships available through talks which can help you decide which scholarship you would like to apply. Were you at our scholarship talk at NUS last week? Spot your heads in the picture below if you were present. If you did not attend, no worries! We have got you covered with a summary of the key points below. Make sure you read through this article including the Q&A which was asked at the session which covers internship @ SNCF for any of you passionate in the co-operative movement!


Every scholarship should have their benefits, right? Here is ours:

The SNCF Scholarship supports the scholar’s undergraduate study at any local university, capped at four years.

It covers full tuition fees and a maintenance allowance of S$3,500 per academic year. In addition, you will be entitled to a hostel accommodation allowance up to S$3,500 per academic year and a maximum computer grant of S$3,000.


You will be provided with internship opportunity to understand the co-operative movement, work with internal and external stakeholders, learn ropes on how certain teams in an organisation works, gain skills not taught in school, handle real life situations which will be useful for your future employment and the list goes on. Imagine after completing the internship you get to offset a few months or a year of your bond as well?!


Fulfillment of all 3 years internship = Bond offset of 1 year

Fulfillment of 2 years internship = Bond offset of 6 months

On top of the internship, you get to attend conferences to update yourself with the local and international co—operative movement, attend courses to upgrade your skills and network with affiliates who may be your future employer.


Upon graduation, you will be bonded to SNCF for a period of up to four years and can apply to work in any of the 66 co-operatives. Check out the list of co-operatives here!


A little tip from our speaker, Ms Germaine from the Campus & Youth team in SNCF: “Understand yourself, so we can understand you”. Take this opportunity to showcase what you have to offer and why you should be chosen as a scholar.


Remember, it is not just about your results, a positive mind-set & interest to help and serve the community plays a part as well!


Wait no more, apply here now!







  1. Who is eligible for SNCF scholarship? Local university undergraduate students who have at least 2 more years to course completion.
  1. My 1st degree is engineering and 2nd degree is business, can I apply for the scholarship? Yes! We have scholars studying double degree!


  1. When is SNCF’s internship? Visit here to complete your details online or write in to We will email when our internship slots are open!
  1. Are there any criteria for internship? There are no strict criteria. We hope to look for passionate individuals who are willing to learn more, with the right attitude and allows themselves to be stretched.
  1. What do interns do? Depending on the internship period, you will be helping out in different areas. As for my case, I joined in September and got the opportunity to help out in YOCO Camp’s event planning which provided me with many areas of learning e.g. marketing. Get to meet various stakeholders and even prepare for the upcoming SCOOP Trail 2018 which will be happening on 10th March 2018!


For more FAQs on scholarship, visit!