#ScoopTrail2018 is a tech-based co-operative amazing race, in its 5th edition, which is organised by the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF), in partnership with Mercatus & NTUC FairPrice, and supported by the Republic Polytechnic (RP) Youth Entrepreneur Co-op (YEC), the National Youth Council and the Singapore International Foundation. SCOOP Trail is also sponsored by 100PLUS, Instantly.sg and AMK Hub. The first of the two-parts, i.e. the Local Edition, was held on 10 March (Saturday).

Mr Ronald Low, Senior Manager of SNCF, along with Mr Joshua Yeo, Assistant Programme Chair of DSEM RP, enthusiastically flagging off participants.












Participants were actively posting selfies and group photos on their Instagram before the trail, during the trail and even after the trail to complete their missions at the different pit stops. Check out Teamextraterrestrial‘s creative pre-SCOOP Trail publicity for their team below:

How to play in SCOOP Trail?

To travel from one pit stop to another, teams have to work together to decode 6 mission hints. When they arrive at a pit stop, where a co-operative (co-op) is based/represented, they would have to scan a QR code, answer trivia questions and do their social media task so as to complete the mission for that particular pit stop before they can move on to the next station or pit stop.

Here are 2 of the Social Media Top 10 winners who walked away with $100 vouchers for actively posting their creative photos on the SCOOP Trail!

Team Infinity showing off their energy for SCOOP Trail 2018 on their Instagram at the RunningHour Co-op pit stop.100-plus

Team Chaoskis showing off their ballet movement at the NTUC Income Co-op pit stop to demonstrate healthy living through active lifestyle activities! teamchaoskis

There were adventurous activities for the teams to complete their missions. For example, one of the tasks was to run on the track blindfolded with their team members cheering and recording a hyperlapse video of their running at the Singapore Sports Hub. This pit stop featured Runninghour Co-operative where they integrate the people with special needs through sports. The task was to enable the participants to experience how a visually challenged member run and the importance of having a support group to run together so that others can run!

Team Let’s SCOOP It Up! mentioned that the SCOOP Trail was fun because the trivia questions and tasks such as creating personalised rap to convey to the public about AUPE’s thrift and loan services was quite cute. Check out their rap below:

The social media tasks for the participants were equally interesting! One of the checkpoints was to head to the Ang Mo Kio (AMK) Hub where participants have to take a wefie with the logo of the AMK Hub entrance, NTUC Income, NTUC Foodfare, NTUC FairPrice and Unity Healthcare respectively. They had to then post a multiple collage on Instagram with the required caption and hashtags regarding the respective co-operatives. This task showcased the union of all the NTUC Social Enterprises serving multiple purposes but for one good reason, which is YOU and ME! I bet you readers do not know that all of these NTUC Social Enterprises are actually co-operatives right?

Check out TeamSUSS‘s wefie:


After the participants are back in RP, they were free to take multiple photos with their friends at the Instantly.sg’s photobooth, while waiting for the prize presentation to begin.

medal  Finishing medals for all participants!

While waiting for the Prize Presentation, we chatted with 3 teams namely Team Gobiyond, Team Let’s Scoop It Up! and Team Alex. During the chat, Team Gobiyond and Team Let’s Scoop It Up! mentioned that it was through their respective schools that they came to know about SCOOP Trail.

Team Alex was such a sweetheart. They shared that it was because of their friends who were in the organising committee which prompted them to show support by participating in the SCOOP Trail. All the 3 teams shared in accordance that before the race, they had little or no knowledge about co-ops. It was through this race that they learned what co-ops are and it was an eye-opening experience to know that these organisations are actually co-ops with different social missions. It will make them feel good to patronise the co-ops in future as they know that the co-ops are doing something good for society while staying sustainable.

Team Gobiyond emerged as the champion and walked away with the grand prize of $2,500 in cash.

teamgobiyond Team Gobiyond

winner_group_photosGroup photo of the Top 3 winning teams, i.e. Team Gobiyond, Team Twelf and Team R house, together with Ms Dolly Goh, CEO of SNCF.

If you are looking out for an adventure with your friends, with the end goal to earn additional prizes and learn about co-operatives, SCOOP TRAIL is the ONE you are looking for!

SNCF would like to thank all partners, volunteers, staff and participants for making SCOOP Trail 2018 a fun and successful event! View more snippets of the event on our Facebook album here!