SCOOP Trail 2019 in its 5th edition, is an escape themed-based co-operative amazing race, organised by Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF), in partnership with The Escape Artist (TEA) & *SCAPE and NTUC Learning Hub. SCOOP Trail 2019 is also sponsored by 100PLUS Singapore, The Tuckshop, Purnama Outreach, Beard Papa’s, Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Mononos Pte Ltd and NTUC FairPrice Co-operative Pte Ltd.

Check out the Co-op’s Braces

This year, the race revolves around the escape theme with an added element of mystery and adventure. Participants had to obtain 5 magical jewels and complete the “Co-op’s Braces” in order to bring back half the universe that was turned to dust and win the race. Participants will set out to find 6 different locations by decoding 6 different puzzles. At each location, participants will solve puzzles, answer co-operative based trivia questions and do their social media task.

Guest of Honour Ms Shena Foo, Service-sector Chairman of SNCF Executive Council, together with Ms Cindy Wong, Senior Manager of SNCF, flagging off the enthusiastic participants.

After the flag-off, the teams faced their first challenge to find their game kit and the only clue given was located at the nearest *SCAPE sign. The game kit consisted of 6 different puzzles which would then lead them to the 6 stations. Strategies differ across the various teams, some solved all 6 puzzles before proceeding whereas, some solved one puzzle and solved the rest while proceeding to their first station.

Participants showed their creativity through their social media posts on their Instagram before and after the race in order to complete their social media challenges and also in hope to win the Top 5 Social Media prizes with a simple criteria, ‘creativity’. Check out all the creative photos of SCOOP Trail 2019.

Here is one of the winners of the Social Media “Think out of the box” together with 100PLUS challenge who walked away with $100 for their creativity:

Team Farni with their creative pre-event post in conjunction with one of our sponsor 100PLUS!

One of my favourite stations was at Odeon Towers. There, participants were required to take a before and after photo to show how things have changed throughout the years. Fun fact: The first ever co-op store operated right here! Participants were very intrigued by the rich history that Odeon Towers has.

Team All for 2.5 with their ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo at the Odeon Towers!

SCOOP Trail 2019 provided challenging and adventurous activities for the teams to complete their missions. One of the most challenging stations was located at Istana Park featuring Runninghour Co-operative where they promote integration of people with special needs and visually-challenged persons through running. Teams had difficulties solving the puzzle to locate the exact location of this station. It was only close to the end of the race when teams started arriving at the pit stop. The task gave participants a first-hand experience of how a visually challenged person runs and how the importance of teamwork and support from the community can open possibilities to others. Check out one of the Top 5 winners of the social media prizes TeamOmnomnom’s creative slow-mo video.

After the participants were back in *SCAPE, they were free to continue to take multiple creative photos with their friends and 100PLUS, while waiting for the prize presentation to begin.

Check out Team Travel with their winning submission for Social Media Prize.

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While waiting, we managed to catch up with Team Still Escaping and Team Kaplan which were available for sharing. Both teams mentioned that it was through the respective schools that they came to know about SCOOP Trail 2019.

Team Kaplan is a bunch of enthusiasts of races as they participate in races regularly through their school. The members of Team Still Escaping had known each other during their Junior College’s lives and they even went for practice to run to build up the stamina for 9 March 2019. Amazing isn’t it that they still stay in contact despite the different phases of lives they have? Fun fact that they have friends who had participated in SCOOP Trail 4 years ago! Do check out their creative video with one of our sponsors, 100PLUS here.

Team Kaplan and Team Still Escaping also expressed that they do face difficulties finding the exact locations for the stations! The Escape Artist had done a great job in challenging the participants to solve all the mystery puzzles and completing the station’s tasks! In addition, both of the team also found that the trivia questions regarding co-operatives are challenging. Team Still Escaping mentioned that co-operatives have a rich history but not many people know about it due to the lack of information being reached to the audiences.

Team Still Escaping and Team Kaplan agreed that this race definitely gave them more knowledge about what co-ops are and do. In addition, it was an eye-opening experience to know that co-operatives are set up with a social mission as their priority but not the profits. Team Kaplan mentioned that they were intrigued when they learnt that the late former President of Singapore, Mr S.R Nathan was one of the beneficiaries from the co-ops.

Change is the only constant and sometime it will result in you to do things you never know you could do before.
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Drum rolled for the announcement of the Top 3 winners of SCOOP Trail 2019:

Team ObeseCity rejoiced enthusiastically when the emcee announced their position as 2nd running up.

Team Get Outsight! was the 1st runner up.

Team Still Escaping emerged as champions for SCOOP Trail 2019, walking away with the grand prize of $2,500.

Goodies bags for all participants.

In SCOOP Trail 2019, everyone walked away as a winner. All participants received exclusive SCOOP Trail 2019 goodie bag and merchandise, it also included vouchers from our sponsors, The Tuckshop, Purnama Outreach, Beard Papa’s and Ya Kun Kaya Toast. Most importantly, participants walked away with more knowledge about co-operatives in Singapore and how they are relevant in our daily lives.

SNCF would like to thank all partners, volunteers, staff and participants for making SCOOP Trail 2019 a fun and successful event!

Let’s continue to run this race together!

This article was brought to you by Erwin Pili Saysay who is currently interning in SNCF, Marketing team. He is in his 3rd year in Ngee Ann Polytechnic and is pursuing Business & Social Enterprise motivated by his passion to help others.