All good things must come to an end. After five days of work attachment in SNCF (12 November 2018 to 16 November 2018), it is time to bid goodbye to the SNCF’s colleagues. Here are our individual work attachment’s experience which we would like to share with all the readers here:


Anya’s reflection

Hi, I am Anya, doing what I enjoyed the most from the internship, which is writing articles.

In this past week, the tasks I was assigned to do was writing articles for the SCOOP portal, in which we wrote the “Welcome Back To School” Series, which consists of 9 articles written by us. We also evaluated and gave feedback on SNCF’s social media platforms, and also gave a presentation to the staff of Unity Secondary School who were on their Learning Journey to SNCF.

The task I enjoyed most was the articles. Although it was challenging to think of what topics we would write about, I found that writing articles allowed me not only to improve my use of the English language but also allowed to me to do some creative thinking and let me explore my own creativity.

The task I enjoyed the least was the presentation. As I tend to be more introverted when there are big crowds of people, talking to them was nerve-wracking. Although I was not looking forward to the presentation very much, I think we ended up doing an okay job.

I learnt that I’m better at writing articles than I thought I was, and I also learnt that I’m not that bad at giving presentations. I also learnt the importance of being open to new ideas, as I realised that although my ideas seem the best to me, there may be better options.

My supervisors and colleagues were all very friendly and approachable. Whenever any one of us had a question, they would answer it willingly and enthusiastically. Although at first, we were nervous about asking questions, their friendliness allowed us to be more comfortable when doing so.

In 10 years time, I could see myself doing a job like this. I think I could be doing publicity management/marketing for a company. I think I would probably be working at an office similar to SNCF.

Before the Work Attachment, I used to think that sitting down at an office desk daily is an easy task. However, I realised that it is definitely not easy and that everyone who works here is extremely skilled in what they do. I also used to think that cooperatives were really just another company, but I realised that they were actually a not profiteering organisation, that focuses more on helping Singapore, socially and economically, and that everyone who works here genuinely cares about their work and helping others.

Overall, I feel lucky that I was able to get the opportunity to work in this office with these people, and I hope my juniors will also take this opportunity if it comes to them.


Linette’s reflection

My fellow work attachment friends and I were tasked to write about 4 to 5 articles, as well as prepare for a presentation for Unity Secondary School during our work attachment. The articles were going to be put up on the SCOOP Portal which SNCF used to reach out to the youth. The theme we were tasked is “Welcome Back To School”. As for the presentation, there were going to be adults (Parents, Teachers, etc) from Unity Secondary School who were going to come down to the office on Thursday, so we had to come up with a presentation to share about our internship experience.

That is us having a group discussion for a finance session for another secondary school’s session.

There were many things I enjoyed about this internship, but truth to be told is I personally enjoyed attending meetings the most. This is because whenever we had meetings, it would be mostly brainstorming ideas or listening in for feedback or learn something. Overall, it is due to us being together, like doing group projects together as one, discussing properly as a group in front of each other, and not behind our devices. I enjoy listening in to feedbacks and ideas, and sharing my own voice without any hidden tension.

I learnt that working with people can be difficult as not everyone has the same working style as well. Disagreement and conflict might occur but I learn to manage it. I have also learnt that even though I often get uncomfortable and restless in an office due to my Attention Deficit Disorder. A white-collar job and being in an office aren’t so bad as long as I can handle my task and the environment is good. I enjoyed myself in SNCF no matter the kind of work I do. Also, I have discovered that I am naturally nervous when presenting, but get really excited before that. It turns out no matter how confident I am, no matter how many times I go on stage, I actually get stage fright very easily and because of that I often mess up in one way or another, whether it is small or big. This must have been the result of my anxiety issues. Not only that, but I have also learnt that even in the general industry, there can be many forms of work. For example, even though this is a business office, everyone actually does different things, such as Peggy who often do the media, Jiaqing and Esther who often go out to educate in schools. Not to mention when everyone sits in the same office, in the same kind of boxes!

That is Mariya, Anya and me (first from the right) sharing our internship experience with Unity Secondary School’s staff. *Check out my bright smile*

In overall, the environment was friendly even when this is an office. Everyone is fun and nice, and because of this we were able to adapt and adjust quickly, and I also love this place a lot. I did not fall in love with this place only because of the job, but mostly because of the great environment here, where I can enjoy. The atmosphere is lively among the typical coldness of an office. In fact, it made me surprise that an office could be so lively. When we were lost and blur, there was often a hand to assist us. If we were unsure, we were not afraid to ask. This is the atmosphere I’d look for, not in the leniency of the people but the friendliness and warmth that is brought among them (the friendship).

In 10 years time, I see myself still in the media industry as I still love being part of that industry. However, in terms of the environment of the place, I am no longer really sure. I used to think I would find myself in industry and environment such as Mediacorp or company with only film tech. However, now that I am more aware that even a white-collar job can also be filled with media. Hence, I am currently thinking twice of the kind of workplace I wish to be in. This is through being inspired by Peggy, who is handling SNCF’s digital media related work, but she also does a lot of things related to media including photography and being in charge of the social media platform.

Before the work attachment, I used to think that a white collar job in an office is dull, and I never thought that other than business there was no reason to have so many offices (boxed offices). However, now I think, and even realize the use and how an office is like and realized that not all offices are dull, and it actually depends on your roles in your job as well as the environment. For example, I used to think that all boxed offices where black and white (which is dead and dull), but being here, I found not just the people lively, but the job very colourful as well. Every single person does a different job, taking up different roles and what everyone does is actually more than just boring paperwork. Other than the necessities and expected environment of being focused and quiet and still a number of paperwork and emails, because SNCF is also trying to educate and raise awareness, there is a lot of marketing and advertising to raise awareness, and projects. This made me now think that it isn’t necessarily that a boxed office would be dull and boring, but can also be colourful as well.

Preparing the collaterals to welcome the staff from Unity Secondary School.


Mariya’s reflection

Hi, I am Mariya in grey jacket, cracking brain cell together with my two fellow work attachment friends as we are tasked to critique on SNCF’s social media engagement.

We may have only spent a couple of days here but it has definitely taught me so much.  At first, it felt very similar to school life,  we were tasked with assignments and given a deadline, but I soon realised that there were much more expectations. We were tasked with writing articles for the SCOOP Portal about going ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ which mainly targets secondary school students. we also gave our feedback to them on their social media platforms, and we were also asked to assist with other SNCF activities.

I enjoyed having the freedom to choose what I wanted to write about and to be able to write in my own unique style, not being forced to follow a certain topic. I mostly enjoyed the fact that I had been given enough time to finish my tasks as I like to prepare and do my research before writing something.

However, the wider range of topics to choose from also made things difficult at time as there was so much to choose from. I faced a few challenges along the way including doubting my own capabilities at times, as I compared myself to my peers it became habit overwhelming as they were much more capable than me, but everyone was very nice and supportive so I continued to try my best.

I learnt that I am better at writing articles than I thought and that I wasn’t as awkward like I thought I would be.

Spot Esther, the one in grey dress with us on our last day of work attachment!

Our supervisor Esther was extremely nice and understanding whenever we were confused she would help us even if she herself was busy. Everyone working here is so friendly which makes it so much easier to adapt to this new environment.

This was definitely a good experience as I can now see myself in a similar job in the future. I liked the workplace atmosphere and was surprised to see how comfortable I was. Before the work attachment, I used to think an office job would be easy. However, this work attachment taught me that no job no matter what it is easy. Every job has its challenges and it’s how much you love your job that makes it easier to overcome the challenges. That is one thing I was able to observe while working for SNCF is that everyone here is always happy and they genuinely care about their work and helping others. Working here has been a delightful experience and I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to work with such friendly and nice people who genuinely care about the organisation they work for. Not only have I learnt what it means to work but I have also learnt about cooperatives and how they benefit our communities and country. Overall, I am very grateful for this experience and hope to be able to help others in the future.

We have joy, we have fun, we have mee rebus treat from the partial staff of SNCF

This article was brought to you by Anya Elizabeth Fernandez Lee, Tay Wan En Linette and Mariya Yusuf Shahiwala. Currently, Secondary Four students who are pursuing their secondary school education at CHIJ Katong Convent. Three of them were student intern in SNCF, Campus and Youth team from 12 November to 16 November 2018.

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