On 16 May 2018, our 2018 scholars, Tammy Lim, Ho Kar Yern and Tanya Ee, together with their parents were invited down to SNCF for the SNCF Co-op Scholarship Deed Signing Ceremony. We warmly welcome the 3 scholars who had officially joined our big Cooperative family (YAY!)

eft to right: Tammy Lim, Tanya Ee and Ho Kar Yern

Left to right: Tammy Lim, Tanya Ee and Ho Kar Yern

The SNCF Co-op Scholarship is an undergraduate degree scholarship that supports talented, high-calibre students with a heart for the people. We attract, develop and nurture suitable talents to enter the ranks of the co-operative movement in Singapore. Indeed, continuity is very important with the passing on of the Scholars with a Heart baton! More information of the Scholarship can be found at: http://scoop.coop/sncf-scholarship/

Bet that your curious palette must be feeling you up wanting to find out more about newly joined scholars so here you go! Starting from Tammy who said that she aims to start a technology cooperative to help digitize co-ops as she believes technology plays a prominent role in creating a sustainable business. And we have Kar Yern who believes that there are many ways to help the community, she dedicates her free time as an elderly befriender at Tan Tock Seng Hospital and also as a volunteer to tuition the youths. Last but not least, Tanya is constantly finding solutions to innovate and resolve problems addressing people’s social needs. She has led a team to create ‘Silver Cloud’, a job matching site that assists elderly to give back to the society.

The scholars also had a chance to interact with our 2017 scholars who are here at SNCF for their Year 1 internship.

Left to right: Tanya Ee, Charmaine Lee (2017 scholar) and Ho Kar Yern

Left to right: Tammy Lim, Goh Yuxuan (2017 scholar) and Janice Chai (2017 scholar)

What’s best other than hearing from the horse’s mouth right? The seniors share about what to expect as freshies, such as like hostel selection that seems very simple can actually be very complicated. Of course, staying somewhere near to your classes would mean having a few more minutes of precious sleep time. Yes – that’s how important it is!

It was truly an interactive session they had and we look forward to having more of such meetings, till then!