It is amazing how time past and we are already embarking on our 14th year to award scholarships to students with a heart to support their education and path towards their future career. We hope you would be the next one to join our family as we work towards building the future co-operatives in Singapore.

Because we want people like you with a passion to give back to the society, we are giving away FREE tips on how you can score the essay and interview slot with us!






  1. Why you and not he/she? We often look out for keywords in your application apart from your results. Think in our shoes and question yourself why your application does not stand out instead of why it does stands out. If you are not able to answer that question, it probably means that your application is ready. Show us your accomplishments in or outside of school that is relevant to SNCF scholarship. We do not need a bookworm because reading alone does not represent the real world, we want to see your involvement with the society. Afterall, you should be proud of what you have done and achieved.


  1. Avoid flawed language. Let us not deny that most of the time poor language reflects about a person. You may want to make use of Microsoft Word’s spellchecker to proofread your essay; or get your friends and family to read before you submit. Ensure your past and present tense are correct. Re-read your essay until you are satisfied with the flow before you submit.


  1. Go straight to the point. There is a time when you can try to beat around the bush but that won’t be during your scholarship application! That may not be the best option especially if you are planning to increase your essay’s word count. It is important to ensure that your essay is clear and concise, making it easy to read. Remember to remove irrelevant information that will not help your application.


  1. Be early not punctual. Prepare and upload your documents earlier in case you miss out a document or two. Be it technical issue with your computer or train fault while on the way to your interview, always be prepared for any hiccups and start/leave early.


  1. Dress well, do well. When it comes to your interview, make sure you are well-groomed to leave a good first impression. Do your homework and most importantly understand your strengths and weaknesses. If you do not understand yourself, how do you expect us to know or understand about you?


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