Ever remember what it was like to go on an out-of-school excursion trip?

Students energised by the excitement and anticipation of the school trip. Playful boys pushing and shoving each other while girls congregate to gossip about teachers and friends.

 Or what about rushing onto the shuttle bus and calling “dips” on the last row seats?

Relatable or not, learning journeys have always been a great way to expose students to new topics in a fun and interesting way.

This time, SNCF had the privilege of bringing 40 students from the Holy Innocents’ High School for a Learning Journey to AUPE Credit Co-op.

Front view of the Wisma AUPE Building located at 295 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 534929

Credit: AUPE

1.Kickstart the Morning!

AUPE was formed in 1959 and it is the largest public sector trade union in Singapore.  It represents the interests of employees of Government Ministries, Public Bodies and Statutory Boards. Its credit Co-op provides financial solutions to union members.  

When the students arrived and entered the main conference room, they were pleasantly greeted by light refreshments.

Hospitable AUPE provided snacks and water for the students

Hidayah, an AUPE Credit Co-op officer, started off by introducing AUPE Group and its services. Students listened attentively for clues as they scrambled to fill up the blank worksheets that were handed to them.


Worksheet (with answers) that students had to fill up during the talk

She taught them certain skills that are essential when dealing with customers in AUPE Credit Co-op. The top 3 takeaways were:

  1. Have empathy for customer concerns
  2. Remember to always smile
  3. Interact with people in a relaxed and personal way

Ms Hidayah speaking about how attitude in AUPE makes a big difference

2.Role Playing Session

After learning more about the co-op, we moved on to an interactive session where 1 student volunteer had to play the role as a customer service officer. Hidayah and the student had to act out a scenario of an angry customer wishing to file a complaint to AUPE Credit Co-op.

Hidayah playing the role of an angry customer

In this scenario, Hidayah was a walk-in customer who was displeased with her ineligibility for a loan due to her outstanding debt of $10,000. The student volunteer had to apply what he learnt to calmly explain to the customer why she was ineligible for the loan.

The student volunteer smiling at his friends

It was amusing to watch Hidayah’s animated, yet realistic acting as she transformed into a distressed customer and brought the scene to life. In contrast, the student volunteer’s unsure and nervous responses sent giggles across the room.

Another student had a go at perfecting the role of a customer service officer. This time, he spoke with more confidence and seemed to enjoy acting in front of the class.

A student trying out the role of a customer service officer

3.Budget Game Activity

The next activity required the students to form groups of 5, where they were given the scenario of furnishing a new living room. Students were given options of different types of furniture and had to discuss whether they wanted to buy the cheap, middle priced or expensive option. This taught students to be more discerning when buying products and mindful about additional cost attached to their purchases.

Students participating in the budget game

holy innocent student speaking

A student answering on behalf of her group  

At the end of the exercise, the groups had to tally the total money spent and the group that spent the least amount of money emerged as the winner. The winning group received chocolates as a token of appreciation.

Boys who were lucky to receive their prizes

4.Words of Wisdom

After the activities, Mr Yeo Chun Fing, Chairman of AUPE Credit Co-gave a closing address that emphasized the importance of being financially savvy and AUPE Credit Co-op as a place that offers financial assistance to members in need.

Chairman Mr Yeo imparting some advice about money to students


To wrap up the entire journey, the students were given a guided tour around the building where they were given an exclusive look at the back end and front-end operations.

Students lining up in twos before starting the office tour

At the end of the session, the students at the Holy Innocents’ High School definitely learnt more about what AUPE Credit Co-op can do for them, and it was an eye-opening journey for all of us!

aupe holy innocents learning journey

A group photo of Mr Yeo, with teachers, staff and students of the Holy Innocents’ High School

To find out more about AUPE Credit Co-op, you can visit: https://www.aupe.org.sg/acc/about-us/mission-vision-core-values/ .

This article was written by Ee Kaye Lin Tanya, a first-year Business student from the National University of Singapore. She is currently a Campus & Youth intern at SNCF, passionate about creating new ideas and innovation. She enjoys adventures and spending time with her dogs.