If you have read the earlier posts on ‘6 Reasons Why Scholarships are Important’ and ‘Misconceptions About Scholarships’, you should have started planning or searching for scholarships by now. If you have not, it is still not too late as scholarship application closes in 3.5 months!


For those searching for scholarships, here are some strategies to aid you in finding the correct one. I believe you won’t want to waste your time applying knowing you don’t meet their criteria, do you?


  1. Understand the scholarships available. You will enjoy the application process if you like what you are doing. We highly recommend you to do adequate research and shortlist those you are interested because every organisation’s objective and criteria differ. Some scholarships offer talks, so go for it! Understand what they have to offer before deciding if you should apply for it.


  1. Think through your objectives. Is it plainly for funding, to gain experience or a combination of different goals? No matter which goal you are aiming for, always think carefully and consider all positive and negative outcomes. Plan your future with the scholarship you are applying because a wrong move may cost you monetary loss.


  1. More work means better chances, because there will be fewer applicants! Many students choose to avoid scholarships that requires effort to do a video, project or essay. What does this mean? Scholarships with more effort = Lower number of applicants. Consider applying for this (but don’t forget your research!), put in some effort and your hard work might pay off.


  1. Seek your family & mentor’s advice. Discuss with your family on the path to scholarship. If it affects your family or close ones in terms of financial aid, unable to see you as you are staying in a hostel or future considerations with regards to serving a bond, it is best to obtain advice as the decision does not only affect you. Your mentor may have experienced this journey and process or know your character and academics better than anyone to advise you to make your application stand out. Consider the recommendations wisely before applying!


What are you waiting for?

Take a look at our SNCF Scholarship and start applying!