Hi there, welcome back to our Uni Freshie Guide!

I am Yuxuan, a business student from Pulau NTU, but nope, we’ve already covered that spot! Today let’s head to the opposite end of Singapore – the east, to explore Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

Run a quick search on the internet and you might realise that there are only a few articles showcasing what SUTD has to offer. For those considering SUTD as your university choice, fret not! We combed the entire campus, and even got our friend, Tomy – a graduating student, to let us in on his secret study and photo spots! Well, what better way to explore the campus than have an experienced SUTD student tour you around?

In this article, we bring you a complete guide to SUTD encompassing places to shop, study, and most importantly, eat! We all need to fill our bellies, don’t we? Keep on reading!


Stepping into SUTD, you will observe the modernistic buildings nicely juxtaposed with the ancient pavilions – this picturesque campus is basically an architect’s wonderland (probably an Instagrammer’s dreamland too)! However, due to the small campus size, the shopping choices are limited, and students will usually head to the mall to shop for their items.


If you don’t feel like travelling out, here are some shops/services offered in SUTD’s campus:

  1. DBS Bank

Picture from Google Reviews – Samantha Chan

 If you’re feeling like you’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight M’s in your bank account *cues music, there’s a DBS branch in SUTD that offers ATMs and basic banking services. There’s even an AXS Machine in the branch for you to make other payments too!


8 Somapah Road, Building 2

#01-103, Singapore 487372

Business Hours:

Monday to Friday: 8.30AM – 4.30PM

Saturday: 8.30AM – 1.00PM

Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed

  1. Booklink


Picture from Google Reviews – Francisco Furtado

 Running out of foolscap paper or need some last minute essentials? Booklink, the only book store in SUTD, got you covered! Booklink sells a variety of items, ranging from wood sheets to 3D printer filament. Best part of it all? They also sells snacks, drinks, and ice cream!


8 Somapah Road, Building 2,

#01-201, Singapore 487372

 Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 9.00AM – 6.00PM

Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holiday: Closed


 1. Changi City Point

Picture from The Best Singapore

 For more variety, you can find Changi City Point just 10 minutes away from the school compound, next to Expo MRT Station.


5 Changi Business Park Central 1

Singapore 486038

Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday and Public Holiday: 10.00AM – 10.00PM

  1. Fairprice Finest

 If you’re staying in SUTD’s hall, this is probably the nearest supermarket you can run to for more cup noodles to stock up in your room, especially during the exam period where all you do is study 24/7. Fairprice is also a co-operative with a social mission of moderating the cost of living. I’m sure this sounds good to students like us on a budget!


 Has anyone ever randomly walked into a Daiso store and unconsciously bought things that you don’t need? I can’t be the only one! Changi City Point also houses a huge Daiso outlet with an array of products. $2 for everything and anything? *grabs more products



 The entire SUTD campus is designed to be a highly interactive space, and the study spots are all around you. Here are 2 of our favourites:


 The three-storey high library is open to the public, and has a very conducive environment for students to study in. Brightly lit open space, nice wooden tables, and a comfortable temperature in the library makes it such a cosy environment! On the different levels, students can also sprawl out on cushions or sloping surfaces – I’m sure you can find your perfect spot and bring your A game on while studying there.

Students from SUTD can also borrow these iPads and gadgets for their personal usage, for as long as a week! Say what? SUTD students are really lucky with such perks!

Having a creativity block? Take a stroll around the school and you’ll find many stunning exhibitions laying around! Even when we were there during the recess week, we managed to spot many different art pieces and exhibitions that intrigued us. Nothing like a good piece of art to spark your creativity!

When we visited, we even spotted a car on display in the library itself – one of the projects that SUTD students are working on.

Roam outside the library and you’ll also stumble into these Pokemon structures displayed all around the school. This Snorlax was randomly placed right outside the toilet, and it is huuuuge! How fun and quirky these SUTD students are!

Pokemon, gotta catch ‘em all! If you’re bored, you can also go around to hunt for other creatures! Psst, just don’t be late for class while embarking on this pokemon hunt.

If you need a breather, you can also take a longer walk and explore the ancient pavilions donated by Jackie Chan! Yes, you heard me right, these were donated by the famous Hong Kong actor, Jackie Chan – hang around till our next article to find out more!

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 8.00AM – 10.00PM

Saturday: 9.00AM – 12.00PM

Sunday: 6.00PM – 10.00PM

  1. Open Spaces

Even though SUTD’s campus is compact, you’ll never feel claustrophobic with the large walkways and open spaces. These open spaces not only serve as popular Instagram spots, they also double up as study spaces for the students!

 Study in the middle of the luscious greenery – perfect spot for you to rest your eyes after a few hours of intense studying! With the large tables placed around, the open space is a perfect spot for group meetings (or if you want more space to lay your thick textbooks). 

Yup, more open spaces filled with tables and chairs for students to study at! With the big fan hanging right above, I’m sure this is a popular study spot for SUTD students too!


 We know, studying in campus can get kind of boring, and you just need an escape sometimes! Here’s 2 of our recommendations near SUTD:

  1. Changi City Point

– Starbucks 

I’m sure you’re familiar with this study spot! Friendly baristas, good music, and a comfortable meeting environment, what’s there not to love? Grab your cuppa coffee and you’ll be all awake to start mugging. 

  1. Changi Airport

 Picture from RSP Architects Planners & Engineers

 One of the world’s best airports is also one of the most popular study spots, especially for those staying in the east! It’s open 24 hours, has free Wi-Fi, and most importantly – power points! Nothing sucks more than a flat battery when you’re rushing a project for submission.

The viewing platform is also a therapeutic place to be when you’re stressed out by work and need a break, or you can also hop on a plane to escape the nasty exams and assignments!


Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 918146

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday and Public Holiday: 24 Hours



 My Nonna’s Café

Picture from The Straits Times

My Nonna’s is a social enterprise that engages persons with special needs, to give them a meaningful employment and help them to integrate into society.

Hit up My Nonna’s Café when you need some comfort food, and support the social cause at the same time! When you think of My Nonna’s, you think of the messy yet homely pasta served at home. That’s exactly what we got – a Beef Bolognese, a unique Root Beer selection, and an Iced Mocha! For the price point, we’d say the meal was value-for-money.

Their menu offers a wide selection of food items, ranging from Italian pasta, to waffles, and even craft beers – voila, a new place for you to unwind with a pint of beer when the stress hits you. Not too much though, we don’t want to go to class the next day feeling hungover.

Apart from the lunch and dinner menus, they also sell a variety of snacks and ice cream. When we visited, their Bens and Jerry pints were going at $9.50 each! What a steal!


8 Somapah Road, Building 2

#01-203, Singapore 487372

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 8.00am – 8.00pm

Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holiday: Reserved for private events

Price points:

$3.00 – $6.00 per pax

  1. Gom Gom


Picture from SUTD


“We take our layers seriously” – Gom Gom’s owners weren’t joking when they thought of this tagline! This sandwich joint offers freshly made, handcrafted sandwiches with generous portions, by a team of friendly and engaging staff!


Picture from Gomgom’s Instagram

A happy customer even left a review on Gom Gom’s Facebook page mentioning that “Making sandwiches is an art. Gomgom is the freaking Louvre of the sandwich world.” With a delectable selection of sandwiches and side dishes, I’m sure you can find something that suits your palate here! Be sure to try their Wasabi Pastrami and Chicken Mayo! Slurps!


8 Somapah Road, Building 2

#01-202A, Singapore 487372

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 8.30AM – 8.00PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 12.00PM – 8.00PM

Price points:

$4.00 – $7.00

  1. Canteen 

Picture from Foodstallsforrent

 For the more affordable options, head down to SUTD’s canteen! Tomy, a graduating student and our tour guide of the day, eats there very often and he recommends the western food!


  1. Nakhon


Picture from Sixmealsperday

 I’m sure this crowd-favourite needs no further introduction. Craving for some Thai food? Hop on the train and head to Bedok’s Nakhon! This is exactly where we went after our visit at SUTD, and we filled our bellies with their speciality – Tom Yum Goong. Aroi mak mak!


136 Bedok North Avenue 3

#01-162, 460136

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday and Public Holiday: 12.00PM – 3.00PM, 5.30PM – 10.00PM

Price points:

$6- $12 per pax

  1. Percolate


Picture from Jiaksimipng

 Just a stone throw away from Nakhon, you’ll also find Percolate – an unpretentious and quaint café that adds vibrancy to the neighbourhood! Croissants and ciabatta sandwiches are some of the more popular mains they have. Percolate is also known for their cakes and coffee – my personal favourite has got to be the Earl Grey Lemon Cake paired with Mocha.


136 Bedok North Avenue 3

#01-162, 460136

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 10.30AM – 9.30PM

Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holiday: 9.00AM – 9.30PM

Price points:

$9 – $15 per pax

To navigate around in SUTD, click here for a SUTD Map created by 2 of its pioneer students.

To find other facilities and malls around, click here for the nearest facilities to SUTD.

It was my first time stepping into the SUTD campus, and I was really impressed by what they have to offer, especially the facilities designed with the students at heart. I hope this guide opened your eyes to this unique university in the east – head down to experience the design and technology elements yourself, and snap some cool shots when you’re there!

Anything else you’d like to know about SUTD? Drop us a comment and we’re always happy to help. Hang around for the next article where we explore the top 15 OOTD where you can dress up for your uni days! See you!

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