Teamwork is one of the most important skills in our lives today. Ranging from schools to the working world, teamwork plays an important role in our performance and boosts team morale. Team building activities work to improve workplace projects that involve teamwork because it helps members to understand one another better. Team members would be able to find out each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work towards a collective goal. Here are some team-building games that you can try out today and beyond the Circuit Breaker Period!

#1: Photo Of Your Life 


 For the first game, it is more an ice-breaker. After all, the first step to any team-building exercise is to always break the ice. This is a fun and interactive way of getting to know one another and to set the tone for a casual atmosphere. 


Rules: First and foremost, get into groups of 5-6. Each member will then share a picture of something of their life. Pictures can be about their dog or cat, a favourite television show and even something as random as a coffee mug. The other employees will then take turns to guess the meaning behind the picture shown. Every member will have a chance to share a picture and guess the picture. The game is only completed once every single member has shared a picture and guessed a picture. 


Objective: The objective of this game is to simply help each other understand one another better.


Duration:  20-30 minutes


#2: is a free multiplayer guessing and drawing game where one can draw and guess words with people from all over the world. However, what makes perfect for team-building and communication is the feature that allows you to create a private room where only you and your friends/team can enter. It is free to play, easy to access and you do not need to have an account to play!


Personally, I often play this game with my friends and colleagues and I have had so much fun playing it. Pick your brain and immerse yourself in the world of with your friends next time! 


Rules: Access the website to get started. Next, pick a username and select a language to play in. You can choose to play with strangers or create a private room. Players would be given a word and they will be tasked to draw out that word. Other players would simultaneously guess what the word is and the first person that guesses the correct word will be awarded the highest points. Each player will take turns drawing. 


Objective: To convey the meaning of a term through drawing. This will require proper non-verbal communication skills.


Duration: 30-45 minutes


#3: Words With Friends


Words with friends is an online multiplayer game where players take turns building words crossword-puzzle style. It is very similar to how scrabble is played, however, words with friends is more of an online version where friends and colleagues can play together. Furthermore, there is a chat feature in the game that allows opponents to exchange messages.


Rules: Download the app and pair up with friends or employees. Each player gets tiles with letters and they need to combine the letters to create words. The player with the most points will be crowned the winner. 


Objective: To allow friends and colleagues to collaborate with one another as they build words.


Time: N.A


#4: Three Truths One Lie


Three truths one lie is a game where the players vote on which they believe is a lie and at the end of each round, the person who stated the three truths and one lie reveals which statement is the lie. The person that guesses the lie correctly will go next.


Rules: Host a video conference on zoom/skype and ask each person to tell three truths and one lie about themselves. The other players will have to guess which was the lie. Do keep the lie realistic and plausible so it won’t be easy for everyone to guess.


Objective: This game serves as a great way for people to get to know one another. It is a stepping stone towards building a long-lasting, meaningful relationship.


Time: 30-45 minutes


#5: The Aliens Have Landed


Aliens have landed is a game that will help foster great team-work and collaboration among teammates. This game can be useful for participants working remotely since it does not require much verbal communication.


Rules: Tell the group to imagine that aliens have landed on earth and that they want to learn more about the company. However, they do not speak english or understand what we do. Hence, any form of explanation would have to be done with five symbols or pictures. 


Ask each participant to draw five simple images that best describe your company’s products and culture to a shared document/folder. Spend the next few minutes looking over every image and discuss the common themes. 


Objective: This game helps the team to communicate effectively and work together towards a common goal. 


Time: 30 minutes


#6: Family Style Co-op kitchen

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Family style co-op kitchen is a game that allows multiple players to cook dishes virtually. There are over 150 recipes available for players to choose from.  It is a mobile, cross platform party game for 2-8 friends that turns your imagination into a virtual kitchen.


Rules: First, players will be given a dish to prepare. Next, they will be required to pass various ingredients from phone to phone, assemble dishes and race against time to score points and ensure that their kitchen is performing well. 


Objective: To successfully prepare a dish within the allocated time limit. 


Time: According to the game


#7: Co-opoly, The Game Of Co-operatives

Co-opoly is a game designed for players who prefer playing collaboratively and together instead of competing against another. It is also designed for groups who are interested in starting a co-operative of their own. The game will require 3-6 players. Check out the game here!


Rules: Firstly, all players on the same team are to work together to brainstorm and start a co-operative business or organization and compete against the Point Bank. Players will have to make tough choices along the way and work together as a team. It is important to take note that this is a game of solidarity where everyone either wins or loses.


Objective: To work as a team to start a successful co-operative business.


Time: 60 Minutes


In conclusion, team building is very important because it has proven to improve the efficiency and performance when groups know one another well and trust each other. A common goal is something that connects them and motivates them to work together and strive together. Strong bonds between members will result in a strong and capable team.

This article was brought to you by Adrian How Jian Yang who is currently interning in SNCF. He is in his third year of his polytechnic education and is pursuing a diploma in Business and Social Enterprise at Ngee Ann polytechnic. He likes to play basketball, travel and enjoys spending time with his dog.