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Co-operatives or co-ops were formed in 1925 due to the lack of access to loans and savings then. People resorted to borrowing from money-lenders and were burdened by exorbitant interest rates, and by the obtrusive presence of their creditors at their places of work. A group of people found an alternative by forming credit co-ops. 

As we move along with time, different types of co-ops started to sprout up. Other than the credit co-ops, we have service co-ops, campus co-ops and NTUC co-ops.

What we really want to convey is that, co-ops exist to address social or economic issues

Let’s take a walk down memory lane to see how our pioneers came together through the Co-operative Movement to address social issues of their era based on the principles of self-help and mutual help.




People were at the mercy of moneylenders

first co-op in singapore 1925Birth of Singapore’s first co-op in 1925.


Co-ops were formed to meet unfulfilled needs. Once the needs were met, co-ops would be dissolved.

After World War 2

Shortage of essential goods, jobs and housing



Lack of protection and inflation

The turning point of the co-op movement where co-ops looked into the welfare of workers.

sncf apex body of co-ops in singapore

SNCF, as the apex body, facilities the activities and growth of the co-op movement.


Apex body as the unifying force for the co-ops in Singapore

The New Age

Changing job landscapes, ageing population

Co-ops were formed to provide employment opportunities.

silver horizon travel sekinchanCo-ops were formed to provide a holistic approach to healthy ageing.



What are the social issues that we face today? Are they different from yesteryears? You can form a co-op to address the issues too.

We need your help to make the future better because we wouldn’t know what kinds of issues we will face – so come join us and see how you can contribute to make the difference!



Join us at our 3-day carnival from 18 – 20 Oct for a fun-filled carnival with instagrammable F&B booths and engaging work stations with customised activities incorporating co-op elements in store for you!

sncf carnival better together


Date: 26 Sep – 20 Oct 2019
Time: 3pm – 9pm
Venue: Outside Plaza Singapura

Entry to pop-art event is free-of-charge and closed on Mondays.
Find out more at https://www.sncf.coop/coopsiol and read more event highlights here.