Have you ever heard of Treeletrik?

Made in Malaysia, Treeletrik is the first company to bring a true electric bike to Malaysia, pioneering a new way of mobility.

‘True electric bike’ – Their 100% eco-bikes are cleaner, safer and more advanced.

With Treeletrik,

Going electric will means goodbye to petrol stations and oil changes! No oils, No petrol, No hassle!

Lifetime quality? It uses revolutionary technology to maximise efficiency and eliminate the need for complex cooling mechanisms. This eventually leads to lesser maintenance.

Does this business concept relate you to STEM? Well, it did for me.

STEM, also known as, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Treeletrik relates me to the ‘Technology’ and ‘Engineering’ components of STEM.

Upon knowing about Treeletrik, it not only relates me to STEM, but also, I actually find it interesting on how STEM skills are applied to solve environmental problems.

For instance, according to National Geographic, motor vehicles produce more than 30% of carbon dioxide, 80% of carbon monoxide, and 50% of nitrogen oxide emissions each year in the U.S.. However, switching to an electric bike will definitely cut down on a huge amount of harmful emissions.

This reminds me of what our Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong had said. He pointed out that Singapore, as a small country, will always have constraints that need to be overcome through technology.

STEM… is indeed important.



* STEM-based Coop club *

Hmmm… Are you aware of Coop clubs then?

Coop clubs, offered by Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF), as a co-curricular activity for Secondary School students to gain a first-hand experience of running a business with emphasis on co-operative values.

The Coop club equips the students with business and leadership skills, provides training opportunities and empowers them to apply their values and knowledge learnt in school through creative and enterprising ways.

Currently, SNCF have 2 schools on board for STEM-based Coop club, and they are Regent Secondary School and Hong Kah Secondary School.

You might be wondering how are STEM and Coop club related.

Through SNCF’s partnership with The Science Centre, students gain the opportunity to learn how to use a 3D printer, create a prototype with it, and eventually sell their prototypes. The profits gain from the sale can then be used for a social cause.

Do visit SCOOP portal often as we will post more about Coop clubs in the future!