Mobile marketing 

Mobile marketing can be through websites, SMS, mobile applications, E-mail & social media etc. Anything that is inside your smart phones, tablets or other devices!











Let’s talk about mobile applications, the one we sometimes see when playing games or other applications.


It sometimes appears halfway while using the app, appears after a game or will prompt you to watch a video to gain a benefit for the current game you are playing. That is in-game mobile marketing.













(*Right picture shows an advertisement in the middle of an article in a website browsed using phone)



Majority of people are carrying their smartphones with them and always in standby mode to receive messages/calls etc.


It is more likely that they read the message immediately.

Irrelevant advertising may cause unhappiness with consumers as their smartphones are very personal, which they would not want to be interrupted with advertisements.


You are not limited to only the 4 types of digital marketing mentioned in ‘Types of Digital Marketing’ articles! So please do your research on the rest to showcase your creative ideas for the upcoming YOCO Camp 2017!

Continue visiting the scoop portal for insights before the actual event, next up will be a few points to share and take note of on ethics!


P.S: Don’t forget to do up your business proposal plan!