Social media marketing

Firstly let’s talk about social media marketing (SMM). SMM is the sharing of information in user’s social network (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) which helps promote a product or service and eventually increases a company’s brand exposure.






It also helps a company connect with customers directly and build a relationship with their customers. Many people benefit from it especially a B2C (Business to consumer) company.

Here’s some examples of brands promoting their product or servicers via social media (FB, Twitter):

Oreo's Facebook

Gopro's Twitter









It is a lot more cheaper:

Quick, easy and free to do. People can easily create a business profile and start posting content every day without spending a single cent.

Gain feedback:

Companies are able to ask questions or post a survey to find out how they can improve their products/services.

Time consuming:

Having to maintain interactive social media presence and constantly ‘feeding’ your pages and profiles with posts to keep people interest.

Negative users:

There are bound to be some negative and malicious individuals around posting negative comments and bad feedback about your brand.


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