Group projects is inevitable in your life. From secondary school, to college, to universities and even when you enter the workforce. Group projects can be a challenge to many, especially to students. In a group project, your grades are not entirely up to your own individual expertise or skills.

However, group projects don’t have to be a painful experience. With these 5 simple tips, group projects will be a breeze!

#1 Choose your group mates wisely

To start off, there is no group project without a team. Choosing the right group mates is essential to a successful group project. You do not want to be grouped with someone that you might have an issue with. At times, you will be in a pre-assigned group, you will have no choice but to deal with it. However, when given the chance to choose… choose wisely!

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#2 Assign roles

Once you have your group mates, the next step is to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This is important as it will help identify who will be fit for which role:

  1. Who will be the leader?
  2. Who is the creative one?
  3. Who is good at liaising?

Always identify the qualities of each individual to make a more productive and efficient group! Every single member should have a role in the group project, be it being in charge of marketing, manpower or logistics. Everyone should also be accountable to the tasks they have been assigned, they should know what they have to do and by when they have to do it.

#3 Deadlines

Always stress the importance of the final deadline! Create a schedule and an early deadline for every individual to finish their part of the project. You should always have buffer time to review the entire project and take into account all the necessary checks needed. You might also run into some hick-ups, so always stay ahead of time!

#4 Use the right tools

In this technological era, you have tools that can help you be productive while not having to be physically together. You can have online meetings, thanks to apps like Skype. WhatsApp and Telegram can be used to create group chats where everyone can consistently give updates of their work. You also have Google Docs, a collaborative tool that allows multiple users to use at the same time. Take advantage and use these tools to have a more efficient group project! (put the links up)

#5 CO-OPeration

All in all, a successful group project will need the cooperation of every individual. Communication is key in group projects. Always seek and provide help to one another. Give positive feedback, encourage each other when the going gets tough. Be open to criticism, it can help improve ideas and take it on another level.

At the end of the day, group projects will teach you valuable skills that will be useful in the future. For example, in the workforce, it is always an advantage for someone who has a strong sense of teamwork. We hope these 5 tips can help you have a more successful group project. Don’t forget, teamwork will definitely make the dream works!

This article was brought to you by Erwin Pili Saysay who is currently interning in SNCF, Marketing team. He is in his 3rd year in Ngee Ann Polytechnic and is pursuing Business & Social Enterprise motivated by his passion to help others.