Summer break is the best time to relax after studying hard for a year. Congratulations for levelling up guys!

Universities typically promote having a holistic education and offer students opportunities to further develop themselves beyond the school curriculum. In this Uni Freshie Series, SNCF will be sharing more on how to spend your summer break.



1. Relax!


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It’s been a long, one year in school packed with exams, socialising and CCAs. It’s time to let down your hair and pamper yourself with the things you enjoy doing. Some choose to relax by singing and dancing, while others relax by playing sports and games.

You could also finally watch the shows you’ve wanted to watch for ages! Some highly raved shows include Itaewon Class and Stranger Things Season 3. Perhaps a short getaway with family or friends would be good to have too!



2. Read a Book or Pick up a New Skill or Language




Summer break is long enough to pick up a new skill or language. There are various online programmes out there to do just that. Furthermore, many Universities offer Summer Exchange programmes. Why not learn something new in a foreign environment?

I’ve recently completed a Photoshop Course on Udemy because a friend encouraged me to try designing. Coincidentally, my dad (self-employed) needed help with some design work. Meanwhile, other friends have chosen to self-study Python and others have started picking up Korean by watching Korean dramas and online content.

Alternatively, you could finish the last few chapters of a book you started a while back, or a project that you put on hold.



3. Do an Internship or Get a Temporary Job



This is more for those who would love to grow their bank account and experience.

Business Schools typically encourage engaging in internships. It is through internships that we gain experience through learning on the job. We also learn applying what we have learned in school. Not only that, we get to build our resume and pick up some interpersonal skills.

If you want to see if a career path is suitable for you, do some research on the organisations in the fields you are interested in. If you don’t know where to start, you could also begin by analysing your interests and skills then head over to a Job Portal to check out some of the job listings.

One internship you could consider is the SNCF Internship! I’m a Marketing Intern and I have been quite involved in what I do. As a Marketing intern, I was involved in social media and design for Instagram, webinars, articles, newsletters and even a certificate! I also did a bit of animation and UI on Photoshop. Meanwhile, the Campus and Youth intern team were involved in campus outreach activities such as pitching their proposals and ideas for scholarship publicity and Creathon 2021.

In addition, interns were also given the opportunity to do some consulting work, become interviewers, write articles and join for virtual happy hour! If it sounds like fun, do apply for the SNCF Internship here!



4. Participate in School Activities


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In summer, there are various activities held by various Clubs and Societies. You could take this chance to be an Orientation Group Leader, participate in activities such as Rag and Flag (in NUS) or even competitions such as the NTU Audit and Accounting Challenge!

Of course, there are other external activities that you could prepare for or participate in. These activities include Creathon 2020, Shopee Code League and Hack Asia. Hack Asia, for example, offers a variety of technology-based challenges. Any startup, student or freelancer could take up any of these challenges with a team.1 This event also includes esteemed mentors who could impart valuable knowledge.  

By participating in these events, you get to apply what you have learned in school and work with individuals of various skillsets. Moreover, you could recognise areas which you lack expertise in and take up some modules or workshops in that. A plus point would be that you get to beef up your resume by participating in these challenges.



5. Volunteer



If you have time on your hands, why not volunteer? You could use your time to help people and gain meaningful memories. There are various platforms such as and to register as a volunteer. Additionally, you could volunteer with co-operatives like NTUC Health and SASCO, or organisations such as Willing Hearts and MINDS.

Summer break is full of opportunities to relax and engage in many activities! You could learn something new, work, and volunteer!



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This article is brought to you by Denise Ong. Denise is a first-year undergraduate in NUS Business School. She is currently interning with SNCF as a Marketing Intern. She is experimenting with designing on Canva and Photoshop, and enjoys playing volleyball in her free time.